What’s Inside My Travel Tote


What's Inside My Travel Tote

I am only 3 days away from heading to Florida to go on our family cruise. I have been looking forward to this vacation for a year now. I remember when we first booked our cruise, I was so excited for it. Now we are getting ready to leave. I will admit though I am getting a little anxious because it’s our first time going out of the country with the boys but I know it’s going to be fine. 

Since I am heading out, I wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed for this trip. I’m such a list maker, so I had to make sure that I have written out everything I needed in my personal tote for the flight. 

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What’s Inside My Travel Tote

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the type of tote you should carry when it comes to personal item for flights. I also had to make sure that I got a big enough tote that could fit the items I wanted to carry inside my tote. I found this cute one from Marley Lilly

Laptop – I definitely need this so that when I am at the airport, I had a chance to do any work I needed to. At least for the flight back home. 

Passports – Since I am traveling with the boys, they don’t have a form of I.D. it’s always good to have passports handy. Plus we will need this on our way back into the country. 

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Wallet – You have no idea how happy I am to have a big enough wallet that fits cash, my cards, and checkbook. 

Kindle – Because I want to be able to read during my flight.

Planner + Notebook – I am able to write out to my to-do lists and see what I have coming up after I come back from vacation. I also like to write down any blog post ideas. 

What's Inside My Travel Tote

What's Inside My Travel Tote

Gum – For US and them. The boys hate having minty gum so having a different kind of gum is a must.

Lip Balm – Cause I get chapped lips easily. 

Sun Glasses – DUH! This is a must. Need it for vacation.

Small Pouch – I love having this because I can place anything small in this pouch, like my chapstick, pens, pencils, any feminine products, and my medicine. 

Water Bottle – Because I love staying hydrated. I don’t want to spend money on a bottle of water at the airport. I’ve heard it’s expensive. 

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What's Inside My Travel Tote

Kleenex Wet Wipes – Now traveling with kids (or anywhere with them) can be quite a challenge. They either get messy after eating something or they just get dirty in general. Kleenex Wet Wipes helps this mama bear be able to clean her little cubs easily without any harsh chemicals. It’s safe enough to use on their face and hands. It also helps with removing germs. HEY NOW! Every mama needs this.

Another great thing about having the 2 Kleenex Wet Wipes at Walgreens is that I’m able to use them on myself whenever I need to refresh my face like removing my makeup. I love that it comes in a travel pouch so it’s easier to carry. 

What's Inside My Travel Tote

You can find these at your local Walgreens store. And if you purchase 2 Kleenex Wet Wipes at Walgreens and you can receive a $1 Rebate through the Ibotta App. As you can see these are very popular cause they were almost sold out at my Walgreens.