Spring Makeup Look Using Almay Shadow Squad

Almay Shadow Squad

Now that spring is in full effect, I am ready for the spring makeup looks. The bright eyes and lips. I received a few goodies from Almay a few weeks ago and I have been testing them out. Normally this is the time I tend to stay away from applying so much makeup because I’m an oily skin girl so having so much makeup on in the heat is RIDICULOUS for me. 

But for the sole purpose of today’s post, I did use a few products that I wanted to test out to see how it would last in the heat. I wanted to create a very glowy makeup look and that’s exactly what I did. The only two items from this makeup looks that were high-end were the foundation, concealer, and mascara. But everything else is drugstore even the lashes. 

I don’t know about you but I have never been a fan of Almay products before. I was just never impressed by their products at all. When I saw their Shadow Squad, Pen Eyeliner, Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipsticks and Instant Glow Highlighting Duo, I was ready to test them out and see how good they were. 

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Almay Shadow Squad 

Let’s talk about the Shadow Squad. The eyeshadow quads come with 4 eyeshadow finishes in the quad which are matte, satin, metallic and glitter. The shades are not as pigmented as I would love it to be but you can definitely build it up. Now you already know I am all for metallic and glitter eyeshadows but what l wish these quads had would be more of a matte finish and if the quad would have a darker shade to be able to add dimension into the eye look. 

You can definitely mix the eyeshadow quads to be able to do an eye look but that means you need to buy more of the quads. I think these eyeshadow quads are meant for “on the go” or busy people that just want to add a pop of color to their eyes. 

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Almay Shadow Squad

Almay Instant Glow Highlighting Duo 

Out of the package, these were my favorite. I have been loving adding liquid or cream highlighters after I’ve applied foundation so when I add a powder highlighter it makes it pop even more. But with these, you can definitely just apply it over any BB or CC cream to give you that glow as well. 

Almay Shadow Squad

Almay Pen Eyeliner

This was such a HUGE fail for me. I’ve used it twice and both times, it smudged all over my eye look and I was so mad. I even waited for it to set and when I applied my setting spray, it was a disaster. I also don’t like the ball as the tip. I don’t get how you can create a wing with it. 

Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipsticks

Right off the bat, these lipsticks give you a sheer finish. They’re creamy and definitely keep your lips hydrated. I can definitely see myself using these if I want a bit of a color on my lips. 

Almay Shadow Squad

Almay Shadow Squad

This is the makeup look I created using the Unapologetic & Less is More squad shadows, nude-light lipstick, and nude glow highlighter from Almay. As you can tell there were a few hits and misses with these products from Almay. 

Have you tried these products from Almay? Thoughts on them?