6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

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Guys, it’s hump day! We’re almost to the weekend. As someone who works from home, I am definitely ready for the weekend. It’s when I get to leave the house and do something fun with the boys and/or Brian. Today, I am going to talk to you about how I get through my work days as a full-time blogger who works from home. 

When you’re someone who works from home, you tend to stick to a routine that’s either healthy or unhealthy. I use to be that person that would have unhealthy habits. But with a few changes, I have been able to develop a routine in order to stay healthy.

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

Establish Work/Office Hours

When you have work/office hours you are able to work during those hours. Because I work from home I like to stick with working from 8-5 pm. As a blogger (at least for me) that is enough time for me to work on emails, blog posts, photos, editing, social media posts and achieve anything else that I have on my to-do list.

I don’t want to be working when my boys and fiance are home because I have to cook, clean the apartment, get the boys ready for bed, and have time as a family before the boys are off to bed for school.

Take Breaks During Work/Office Hours

Taking breaks is important, I actually like to take at least 2 breaks (20-30 mins each time) so I can either catch up with my text messages, snapchat, or friends via social media things that aren’t work-related. I also take a lunch break so I can take some time to eat. You have no idea how many times I’ve forgotten to eat.

Eat Healthy Snacks

You have no idea how many times I’ve grabbed junk food when I am home for snacks. I knew something had to change. With the YoCrunch® Lowfat Yogurt Cookies ‘n Cream with OREO® Cookie Pieces, I am able to eat something that is healthy and super quick and ready to go. I mean it’s America’s favorite Cookie® with your favorite yogurt. It’s quite possibly the only thing that’s tastier than dunking OREO® cookies in milk.

Another great way to add America’s favorite Cookie® is using the International Delight OREO® Creamer. I mean you can’t have enough OREO® in a day. It’s one of my favorite creamers to add to my morning cup coffee because I do love coffee with my creamer and sugar. OREO® flavor found in the unexpected places providing a delicious, better-for-you treat!

You can definitely find these at your local Walmart and even use the Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup service. It’s super easy to do use and convenient if you don’t have time to shop around the store. Simply go online and place your pickup order.

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

Workout in the Morning and/or Afternoon

Working out for at least 30 mins is another great way to stay healthy when working from home. You can either do this in the morning before you start or in the afternoon. Whatever works best for you.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Water is your best friend. Don’t drink soda, juice or anything that contains high sugars because that’s not going to help with staying healthy.

Have A Healthy Work Space

Having a cluttered or messy workspace will not help you stay healthy in life because you’re creating chaos for yourself. My mental health is important for me, a clean workspace makes me happy and ready to start my workday. Clutter space gives me anxiety, stresses me out and makes me not want to work.