2019 Goals PUS STARTplanner Review

2019 Goals PUS Start Planner Review

Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019. New Year, New Me? LOL just kidding. With a new year that means you’ll be seeing lots of posts on what each person’s goals are and I am one of them. I love setting goals because it keeps me motivated and I am accountable for my goals. I did have some goals for last year, so let’s take a look at those and how I did. 

Personal Goals

Fitness – Time to get in shape not only for our family cruise that is happening in April but also to be prepared for when I go shopping for my wedding dress. // FAILED!

Wedding Planning – I got myself a wedding planner (not an actual person but a planner) to help me get ready for my planning. I want to be organized as possible, keep track of expense, and make sure things go smooth. // Wedding planning is going as smooth as it can. I love that this year is the year we are getting married. 

Budget –We will be cutting back on a lot of spending that we do. With having our vacation, trying to find a new place this summer and paying for a wedding, we definitely want to make sure we don’t overspend. // We didn’t move but we definitely are doing a lot better as far as not spending money on unnecessary stuff. 

Read 8 Books – I have purchased a few books on my Kindle and I am ready to conquer those books. Any book suggestions you may have let me know! // FAILED! I actually read 3 books I believe.

Business Goals

Budget – Last year I had a lot of expenses for BOTH my business and this year I will be making sure that I create a budget for expenses. I have to make sure I don’t go over that so I don’t overspend on things I don’t need.

Double My Income – Last year I did so good as far as income. I am extremely grateful and thankful for the brands that I’ve worked with and I plan to double my income this year. // I can’t believe how I achieved this goal mid-year in 2018. I was so happy. 

Work with Brands – I worked with so many brands not only through blogger networks but because I was able to work up the courage and pitch to brands on my own. This year I plan to do the same thing. // YES! Did so many collaborations (sponsored) with so many more brands and I loved that. 

Grow My Numbers – I’m sure every blogger’s goal this year is to grow their numbers and that’s okay. If you blog full-time like me, then its definitely important to grow your numbers. // Another HIT! I grew my numbers mainly on my social media. 

2019 Goals PUS Start Planner Review

2019 Goals PUS Start Planner Review

2019 Goals PUS Start Planner Review

2019 Goals PUS Start Planner Review

2019 Goals PUS Start Planner Review

2019 Goals PUS Start Planner Review

2019 Goals PUS STARTplanner Review

One thing I noticed from not being able to stay motivated or accountable for my goals in 2018 was that I didn’t jot down my goals. I went with the flow of things. I am changing that this year thanks to my new STARTplanner. If you haven’t heard about STARTplanner, you may want to continue reading this post because I am telling you, this planner is a game changer.

About STARTplanner:

STARTplanner is a way of life. Position yourself for success and start crushing your life goals. We have daily planners and weekly planners geared toward parents, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, sales consultants, health enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone who wants to get his or her life in order. Pairing refined elegance with a careful design that will complement your style, STARTplanner will change your life! – STARTplanner

With this planner, you are able to set goals, budget, plan, schedule, and much more. My favorite things about the STARTplanner is that you can set goals for the year. Jot down those goals and still have them handy while planning. You can also break down those goals and list actions on how you are going to achieve those goals and write a due date for those goals. Check it off once you are done. With Brian and I planning a wedding, this planner has a financial goal and tracker. Meaning you can set goals for your finances and jot them down as you go every month.

The STARTplanner is not like any other planner, at least I don’t think. I am able to write down my goals every month, still complete my daily tasks, a schedule for the day has a tracker for hydration, fitness, meal planning, and daily expense.

2019 Personal Goals:

  • Fitness – I have 9 months until my wedding. This is something I plan to add to my schedule for 30 minutes 5x a week.
  • Read – I want to get back to reading, I keep seeing my Kindle on my nightstand and I need to just take time, relax in bed and read. My goal this year for reading is 10 books.
  • Continue to Budget – Brian and I are doing a NO SPEND for January and we are going to see how this goes. If we do really good, we will reward ourselves the following month. If not, we need to do another no spend for the next month.
  • Meditate – As someone who suffers from anxiety this is something I want to do every morning at least before getting my day started.

2019 Business Goals:

  • Continue to Grow – This doesn’t mean just social media but also my numbers for my blog. I want that to be my main focus this year. I want my readers to continue to come back.
  • Triple My Income – I was able to double my income last year and I plan to triple my income this year. Not just my blog but also my freelance business too.
  • Collaborate with local bloggers – this means working with the local bloggers on working with brands around our city/area.

My goals are going to be simple this year since I have a HUGE priority this year and that is my wedding. I don’t want to overstress or cause a break down because I am doing too much. I want to enjoy the process of planning my wedding.

What are your goals for 2019?

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