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  1. GIRL- palmer butter is my bff ha- i used it all the time when i was pregnant but now i still use it as well for all the other items you mentioned- esp when my lips are super dry ( and my daughters ) thanks for great ways to keep using such a great product!

  2. I am all about coconut oil for my body and moisturizing my lips. I wouldn’t think of using coco butter, but I should give it a try next time I’m running low. I always love coconut oil because it’s also amazing for my puppy’s coat 🙂

  3. I honestly need this in my life right away. My skin has been SO dang dry lately and it’s even cracking between my fingers no matter what I use. Maybe this could help!

  4. I need to get some of this! I have sensitive skin that is very dry. I developed an allergy to the skin cream dermatologists recommend the most, so I need a safe alternative.

  5. Oh Wow! I never thought about it as a makeup remover! Thats such a good idea! I love using it on my feet too!!! It smells so good!

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