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  1. Those extensions look so natural! They did a great job. I wouldn’t mind spending a few hours in that cute little salon!

  2. Girl, your hair looks spectacular! This length really suits you – and the way they so naturally blend with your hair is incredible to me. So cool!

  3. My hair just won’t grow fast enough for me – I want mermaid locks haha. I’ve been wanting to get extensions but need to get my hair to the point where I can only wash 2x/week. Super oily probs haha They look stunning, Jasmine!

  4. They look so natural on you! I have clip in extensions but have definitely been debating getting NBR ones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts/more info!

  5. They look amazing, Jasmine!! I have had medium length hair for some time now, that I don’t think I could go back to long hair again — especially in windy Texas weather.

  6. You look gorgeous! Extensions are on my wishlist but before reading this post, I had so many questions. I love how you covered all the details.

  7. Your hair looks so beautiful and natural! I’ve been considering extensions, and if I do it NBR is probably the way I would go too. Did you mainly do it for added fullness? Or length too?
    Xo, Deanie
    Deanie Michelle

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