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  1. How fun! I have always wanted to do this. I should! It would be interesting to see what your husband is since he assumes he is 100% German? Could be more!!


  2. Yes, I’m had my DNA tested. I’ve done both Ancestry and 23andMe. I was searching for my biological parents and Ancestry is how I how my biological mother and 4 siblings. I knew before doing the test I was Asian (Thai) and African American. My results came out as expected.

  3. First, I love your outfit! Also, I had my DNA tested for the same reason. I was so curious about my heritage and I found out I am 51 percent Native American from north Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. as well as 21 percent from the Iberian Peninsula. I connected with many people on the Ancestry website and learned a lot about my family and where they came from.

  4. I haven’t had mine tested, but my mom did. Growing up, she was told that her great great grandmother was part Native American, and was disappointed that the DNA test didn’t show that.

  5. My husband did this test a few years ago and just found his biological dad from it. It’s amazing what a little science can do!!

  6. Okay, I want to do this!! I know I’m a lot of things haha. My top 4 supposedly are Irish, Swedish, Polish, and German… but my dad was adopted so there’s always some mystery! I am literally about to press the button, haha!

  7. Wow, this is really interesting! It’s crazy to think where I ancestors could be from, and what kind of people they were. I think my own personal history is a little boring, but I’d love to get my partner’s DNA tested as his dad was born in Germany (not Australia, like him) and I think HIS parents were from somewhere else altogether. Who knows what else is hiding in his DNA!

  8. I want to test my DNA because my maternal grandmother was born out of wedlock and her mom’s family kicked her out and made her move from the South to the North (this was the 1940s). So, that side of the family is a mystery.

  9. I did a DNA test too and received my results last month. Any knowledge of my ancestry was purely word of mouth from my maternal aunt and the family lore. However, the results were very different to what I expected but explain so much that has confused us over the years.

  10. This is so fascinating to me. I’ve always considered it, but never pulled the trigger. I know I have a lot of European – Scotland, Ireland area but I also have Native American on my mom’s side. I would love to discover the percentage.

  11. Really interesting to learn about your personal background. I had a bunch of friends do a DNA test like this a few years ago. Me and my husband have always wanted to try one.

  12. This is so awesome! I’ve been wanting to do this for so long. My father is from Chile and he swears up and down that we have Native American in our bloodline. I know my mom’s side is Irish, English, Austrian and possibly German, I’d love to dive deeper.

  13. This is so interesting! I haven’t had my DNA tested, but my sister did. We’re like 86% Italian. I’d like to have my son’s tested because it will be a huge mix.

  14. I need to do this for Conor!! We both have wanted to do this for a while! PS- love the layout of your photos here!!! Soo cute!!

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