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  1. First of all, I have to say that I love your pics and your outfit! Also, this is a must read for everybody, especially bloggers’ friends and family.

  2. So well written! I love that you shared this in a coherent way. So many of my family and friends don’t even understand how they can be supportive. This is a job where you need other people’s support!

    • Gosh, I hope people understand what we do and how much work we put into these posts. All we are asking for is support just like how they support celebrities.

  3. Great post! I already do all of these things but my favorite way of supporting fellow bloggers is to buy through their links! 🙂

  4. Your hair is #allthegoals and I gotta admit, I’m bookmarking this for quick reference and sending to friends and family who want to be supportive but don’t necessarily understand what that means in the context of blogging. It’s also nice to know others deal with this, too!

  5. I just shared this post on my personal facebook because I love it! Simple, easy things to do that really mean a lot as a blogger.

  6. I am SO sharing this post with my readers! This is amazing and SO helpful and SO true! Thank you for writing this, friend!

  7. This is so true! So far none of my friends have gone full-time and I only recently started blogging again, but even then, I always try and show support. It doesn’t cost me much and could help them, one day, make it their full-time jobs if they ever wanted to.

  8. Oh yeah! Finally someone putting in words what many of us content creators might think but never say. I love this so much, tweeting it and may just tag a few folks I’d really appreciate support from LOL! Oh and congrats for your 5 years full-time blogging. Here’s to many more…

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