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  1. oh my gosh this collection is stunning- i love all of the various colors to bring you from day to night too and it just makes your eyes pop! That glow highlighter is everything ha. I’m heading out now to grab some!

  2. They really have some amazing products and beautiful shades!! Your eye make-up looks absolutely stunning!

  3. I had no idea Wet n’ Wild was still around! They were my go-to when I was in high school. I went through countless tubes of their frosted lipsticks! Am I aging myself? haha I will have to check this line out, those eye colors are really pretty. Love the makeup look your created!!


  4. I feel like wet n wild has really upped their packaging over the years! My gosh these products are beautiful. I like the eyeshadows too, just wish they were a little more pigmented! And like you, im not a fan of lipgloss, but ive got to admit those colors are gorgeous!

  5. I tend to use rather boring matte browns and mauves, so your use of color is very inspiring, especially your eye make-up! xo Nipa

  6. I’ve already got so many eyeshadow palettes that I hardly ever use, but man am I in love with the unique triangle shape of these palettes! I think having unique packaging is pretty crucial with make-up these days, as so many palettes start to look the same when they’re just rectangles with circle-shaped products in size. Something like this is much more likely to catch my eye in a shop!

  7. Wet n wild is such a fun brand. They’ve been around for so long and continue to come out with cute new items.

  8. The healing scent sounds so good! I need to check out this entire collection!

    Madison |

  9. What a fascinating concept for a cosmetic line. I love the idea for the spray and the highlighter. I’d love to try those out for myself!

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