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  1. Oh my gosh, your site is gorgeous and this is super helpful. I really liked the tinted version of the Coola mineral sunscreen, but unfortunately they never had a color light enough for my skin! lol I’m super pale. The last time I tried Supergoop, it left my face too white (maybe I used too much?) so I wasn’t in love with it. I’m going to try Clinique – they’ve always been good for my skin! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this with the world. It’s so important to take care of our skin. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with skin cancer, so please never think that it won’t happen to you. It could happen to any of us, so we need to take care of ourselves. I always try to use products with SPF. Clinique, CeraVe and Neutrogena are my favorite brands.

    Candace Hampton

  3. Coola is the BEST! I am going to check out the others too! I’m a fanatic of SPF and taking care of my skin so looking at products that include SPF!

  4. I love that you recommend affordable products. I really need to be better about protecting my skin, especially because I live in the desert!

  5. I was just thinking how I forgot to put sunscreen on today! Such an important product that people should incorporate into their skincare regime!

  6. I love Coola products! And having SPF is so important. I’ve been including it in my routine since I was a teen (and I’m now in my 40’s!).

  7. I have heard so many awesome things about COOLA products! Definitely going to try them out! I use the iT Cosmetics CC cream and absolutely love it!

  8. I swear by Supergoop sunscreen and also would like to add Missha sunscreen which is a K-beauty brand! These are all great recommendations though!

  9. This would’ve come in handy for me the other day. I had a friend ask me which SPF products to buy and I was clueless! I usually wear a full-face of makeup, and all my foundations and moisturizers have SPF in them, so I don’t think twice about skincare specifically with SPF in it. Thanks for these recommendations!

  10. Ahhh thank you for sharing these Jasmine! I’ve had my eye on the Supergoop and Coola products for a while now! I think I just need to get them!

  11. Thank you so much. The heat here in India is so harsh. I needed a good sunscreen to go out for work. I will check out coola.

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