25 Fall Date Ideas

25 Fall Date Ideas

We are only 2 days away from it being officially the first-day fall! Which means bring on the fall activities. Fall is by far our favorite season, hence why our wedding is in the fall next year. During this season, this is when we both like to spend most of our free time outside. Probably because during the summer we tend to hibernate in our apartment to stay cool. We are not huge fans of summer.

There’s something about the fall crisp air that makes you feel all mushy and romantic, which in return makes you want to do things with your partner.

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25 Fall Date Ideas

1. Pumpkin Patch – Hit up a pumpkin patch, eat some of the fall treats or drinks they offer, go on a hayride (tractor ride), see the animals the farm have and get yourself a few pumpkins.

2. Carve Pumpkins – Once you have picked out the pumpkins, carve them or decorate them how you want them together. Put on some music and grab a glass of wine or beer.

3. Corn Maze – We went to our first corn maze last year and it was so much fun. I highly recommend it. Plus this puts your trust and faith on one another to the test.

4. Decorate for Fall/Halloween – WE LOVE DOING THIS! Especially going to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s so we can find new items for the house.

5. Scary Movie Marathon – Another favorite of ours. We love watching scary movies. So when we do, we like to have marathons.

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25 Fall Date Ideas

6. Disney Halloween Movie Marathon – Disney movies aren’t just for kids. Adults can watch too.

7. Attend Fright Fest – Personally, for me, I have always wanted to go but what has stopped me is not knowing if there’s going to be clowns lol. I am terrified of them. But if you guys have the balls to do it, DO IT!

8. Nature Walk – Perfect way to enjoy the crisp air and see the beautiful trees.

9. Sweater Weather Picnic – grab a blanket, wine bottle, your favorite food and enjoy it in the park.

10. Star Gaze – Just like a picnic, grab a blanket and some wine to stare at the stars together.

25 Fall Date Ideas

11. Day Trip – Visit another city, eat food, and just enjoy one another on a mini adventure.

12. Weekend Getaway – Plan a weekend getaway. Stay in a cabin or cottage.

13. Fall Festival – a great way to enjoy any fall activities the festival is having.

14. Wine Tasting – If you’re close to a winery, visit it and do some tasting. A fun way to find new wines.

15. Bake/Cook Together – I mean cooking dinner or baking a sweet dessert is the perfect date night.

25 Fall Date Ideas

16. Apple Picking – Visit an orchard and get some apples for baking.

17. Make Caramel Apples – Or use the apples from the orchard and make some caramel apples with any toppings you like.

18. Game Night – grab all of your favorite board games and play them.

19. Visit the Zoo – what can be more fun than visiting cute animals.

20. Try a New Restaurant – Great way to test out a new restaurant that you guys never been to.

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21. Make Tailgate Food + Watch a Game – Can’t attend a college game, why not make some of your favorite tailgating food and watch the game at home together.

22. Drive Thru a Scenic Area – get in the car and drive through the country where there are tons of trees to see the beauty of mother nature.

23. Walk by the Lake – We have lots of lakes so going for walk by the lake is another great date idea.

24. Visit a Haunted House – if you’re brave enough this would be an awesome date night.

25. Have a Bonfire – great way to roast some marshmallows and make s’mores.

What are some other fun fall date ideas do you have?

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