3 Items to Stay Fresh On Your Period

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Let’s talk about our periods. Yes, we are going there today. I personally don’t find it uncomfortable to talk about it because it’s nature and it’s what we have to go through. I remember the first time I got my period and my mom wasn’t home. My dad was and let’s just say it was an awkward thing. Why? Because my dad is old school and doesn’t believe that it’s his duty to talk about it with his daughters and that it’s my mother’s job. I don’t blame him. But he did manage to get me the things I needed because my mom wasn’t home and of course I had no.

3 Items to Stay Fresh On Your Period

3 Items to Stay Fresh On Your Period

3 Items to Stay Fresh On Your Period

3 Items to Stay Fresh On Your Period

3 Items to Stay Fresh On Your Period

When my mom did come home I was able to learn all things about what it’s like to have a period things you need to stay fresh and not feel gross while on your period. One brand my mother always told me to use was Summer’s Eve. She always told me to use the Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash. My mom was not wrong. I loved how I didn’t feel gross or dirty while being on my period. Summer’s Eve has so many great products now and these 3 are my go-to products to use in order to stay fresh while on my period.

FreshCycle™ No Rinse Cleansing Foam

Since the Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is something you use while showering, there are times where you need to refresh a bit before going out to eat, hang out with friends or after the gym. That’s where the FreshCycle™ No Rinse Cleansing Foam comes in handy. Yes, it is a bottle so it can be hard to hide it in your bag but if you’re at the gym or even at work and need a quick refresher this FreshCycle™ No Rinse Cleansing Foam is great to use on toilet paper and simply wipe with. The best part you don’t have to rinse.

It’s made with patented odor-reducing ingredient. The FreshCycle™ gently reduces period odor, which no one likes and it doesn’t contain any dyes, alcohol, and parabens. It does have a light, fresh scent and the foam is created for your most intimate areas. Don’t worry ladies it’s also formulated to match a woman’s pH levels and it has been approved by gynecologists.

FreshCycle™ Flushable Vaginal Wipes

There are two options for this which is great if you want to add this to your purse or makeup bag.

The first option is the NEW Cleansing Cloth Soft Pack. This is perfect to have at home and it’s easy to store in your bathroom. It doesn’t contain any dyes, parabens, or alcohol. It’s formulated with a patented odor-reducing ingredient and will help reduce period odor.

The second option Fresh Cleansing Cloths Individually Wrapped. This is perfect for on-the-go because you’re able to put these in your purse, gym bag, makeup bag, and travel cases, etc.

If you’re someone with sensitive skin, I would highly recommend smelling the product first. Summer’s Eve products do contain fragrance, so their packaging has a “scratch to smell” sticker that way you’re able to check out the scent before purchasing. Don’t worry it’s not strong at all. I have sensitive skin myself and these do great with my skin.

You can get $1 OFF ANY (ONE) FreshCycle product. Print coupon here to shop at Target.

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  1. Ewa wrote:

    I have a similar story with my first period! These products look great, exactly what I need during my period. I will take a look if I can buy them online with international delivery 🙂

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  2. Rach wrote:

    Yes!! I think every women can relate and love this!


    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  3. TianShane wrote:

    Thanks for sharing. So relatable.

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
    • I remember starting mine as well I was out of state at my grandparents house ??‍♀️ Hahah. Love summers eve products

      Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  4. Annie wrote:

    Thanks for making this post and talking about period care! This, as you know, helps break the ridiculous stigmas attached to menstruation. None of us would exist if periods weren’t a “thing”!

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  5. L wrote:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these!

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  6. Lizzie wrote:

    This is so important! Thank you for sharing. I think that everyone can relate to this.


    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  7. I’ve used Summer’s Eve products but not these! Definitely need to give them a try!

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  8. Awesome, awesome product! Such a life saver to actually feel clean when on your period – i love this stuff, too!

    xoxo Sarah

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  9. Stephanie wrote:

    Literally reading this while on my period and thinking I need to get all of these for myself right away haha. I’ve always loved Summer’s Eve products. I tried out a few of their products a few years back and now I always keep them around and in my purse for on-the-go!

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  10. Kileen wrote:

    These are awesome ways and awesome products to stay clean and feeling fresh when it’s time! Makes a huge difference. Thanks for sharing!

    cute & little

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  11. Kat wrote:

    Interesting products you’ve suggested here. Would probably try the foam if I have to pick one. We try to stay away from ‘individually wrapped’ items. Curious as to what inspired the donut as part of the pic?

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
    • The donut is a heating pad! Perfect for cramps.

      Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  12. Sarah wrote:

    Feeling clean on your period can completely make or break your day. Love Summers Eve, their wipes are a MUST especially when camping.

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  13. Anna wrote:

    I´ve never heard of Summer’s Eve! After reading this will definitely give it a try! The wipes look so convenient to carry around!

    Have a nice week!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  14. Lindsey wrote:

    I feel like taking 3 showers a day while on my period. These products sound like a better idea…especially since one shower a day can be challenging with two toddlers and a full-time job. Thanks!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  15. Em wrote:

    Great post – gosh I remember starting mine back in 5th grade and how embarrassing it was and how I felt!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  16. So smart that the wipes come individually packaged for use on the go. So helpful for travel days!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  17. Azanique wrote:

    I love Summer’s Eve! Those wipes are great for sweating during the summer 🙂

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  18. I would love to give this a try! It’s always important for me to feel clean and comfortable during my period and I think this one is worth a try.

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  19. Lavenda wrote:

    This is so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing babe! I hope you have a great day! <3

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  20. Cindy wrote:

    I’m glad to be liberated from the need for these products! But I’ll share this info with my daughters.

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  21. This is so timely since I’m on mine right now haha – def trying these out!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  22. The on the go would be perfect for traveling or the day trips during the summer time. I love that they’ve started making these products especially in time for summer.

    Posted 6.6.19 Reply
  23. aisasami wrote:

    This product is only available in the States right now? I haven’t seen it yet here in Japan.

    Posted 6.6.19 Reply
  24. Laura wrote:

    I saw someone else talking about these products recently, so they must be good!

    xo, Laura

    Posted 6.6.19 Reply
  25. Delia Atenea wrote:

    I’ve never actually tried any of these Summer’s Eve products but it sounds like I really need to! Thank you fro the run down and the explanation for all of them!

    Posted 6.9.19 Reply
  26. Laura Leigh wrote:

    I’ve never tried any Summer’s Eve products. I will definitely have to give these a try. They sound wonderful and honestly anything that makes things a little better/cleaner down there sounds good to me!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 6.10.19 Reply
  27. Katrina wrote:

    I’ve tried Summer’s Eve before and liked it, glad to see they have this new line that helps women during the time of the month. Thank you for this post!

    Posted 6.11.19 Reply