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About Jasmine Maria

Welcome to The Jasmine Maria formerly known as Classy Sassy & A Bit Smartassy! Jasmine Maria is a beauty + lifestyle blog with a focus on beauty, life, blogging and so much more. My hope is that you will come to my blog to learn how to love the skin you’re in. I post occasional beauty tutorials, tips, guides, reviews, fashion, and of course lifestyle posts. [/column_element] [column_element]\White Boho Dresses Under $50[/column_element][/columns_container] [columns_container type=”img” full=”no” align=”right”][column_element]

10 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I love baseball. My dad is from the Dominican Republic. So I grew watching him play baseball and watched my brother play. My boys now play it as well. New York Yankees is my team!

2. I have a younger sister and a younger brother.

3. I’m actually half Dominican & half Ecuadorian.

4. I played basketball in high school my freshman year.

5. Favorite color is blue.

6. Autumn is my favorite season.

7. Love love love scary movies.

8. I can eat carbs all day every day.

9. I have to have a Pepsi every day.

10. I’m terrified of clowns.