Work with Me

Thank you so much for considering working with me and wanting your ad on my sidebar. I would definitely love to work with you. I have a variety of ad sizes and other options to help you promote your blog or business.  
Be sure to check out my testimonials from previous bloggers that have worked with me. CLICK HERE!
If you have any questions, concerns, or something that’s not covered down below feel free to send me an email. 

Ad Prices – BLOGS ONLY:

  • Tall Latte (130×130) – $5 – No social media promotion. Your ad will be posted on my sidebar. 
  • Grande (260×100) – $8 – 1 Tweet per day + banner on my sidebar.
  • Venti (260×260) – $10 – 2 Tweets per day + 1 Facebook share per day + banner on my sidebar.
  • Super Venti (700×100) – $15 – 3 Tweets per day + 2 Facebook shares per day + banner at the end of my posts. 
Don’t want to purchase an ad spot but want to be promoted by social media, I have that option available as well. It’s $20 it includes: 4 Twitter mentions and 4 Facebook shares per day!


  • Choose the advertising size that best suits your needs.
  • Email me and tell me which advertising size you’d like to purchase.
  • I will email you with all the details including sending your payment via PayPal
  • Once everything is all approved, your ad will be up! 
Sponsored/Product Review 
Please email me to discuss what you’d like to collaborate on and we can then further discuss my rates and what I can do for you. I’ll send along my media kit + rate card, as well.
I’m reachable between 7am – 5pm Central Standard time Monday-Friday. I like to take the weekends off since I am a mom and have responsibilities. 75% of the time I will respond to emails, comments, social media interactions when I’m on my phone. 
I do reserve the right to decline advertising from blogs/shops/products/etc. that do not fit well with my site or that I disagree with. This usually doesn’t but here are some ideas of what I will not accept: Hate speech of any kind (this includes negative remarks regarding a person’s color, location, language, education, gender, relationship, body, etc.), overly religious or political blogs, and products that test on animals.