Amazon Favorite Purchases

Amazon Favorite Purchases

Amazon Favorite Purchases

For the past few months, I have been an Amazon addict. It’s no joke. I shop for pretty much anything on here just to get a good deal because I am cheap. And to have things delivered to my house versus me having to go to the store (I’m just lazy sometimes, don’t judge). I will say that a few purchases from Amazon were a FAIL and the return policy suck (at least I think so with some brands on there), I still managed to get a few items from there I truly LOVED and continue to repurchase. A few of the items are house, beauty, or office supplies.

On today’s post, I am going to share with you my favorite items that I have purchased from Amazon and which ones I have actually repurchased.

Amazon Favorite Purchases

Universal Bluetooth Wireless Mouse – I have a MacBook so buying the REAL mouse from Apple was NOT in the budget when I first bought the laptop. Of course, being my frugal self, I couldn’t justify paying $79 for a “mice”. So instead I went on a hunt for a Bluetooth wireless mouse and found one on Amazon for only $12.68. Talk about a bargain.

Mug Holder Tree Organizer – This is actually a mug dryer but we decided to use it as a mug holder for our counter space. I have been dying to buy one of these for a long time. Finally took the plunge and bought it. I love seeing my mugs on my counter space. It’s a great way to display your favorites.

Essential Oil Diffuser (Similar) – I bought one for my room last year but I accidentally splashed water in the area it wasn’t supposed to get wet so it broke. I went on the hunt for a new one and found a 2 pack diffuser for cheap. My boys loved my diffuser so this was perfect for them. It looks like the one I have is out of stock so I did link another one that comes in 2 for the same price I bought it for.

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Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend – To go along with my diffusers I did purchase an essential oil to use. I was a little skeptical because it was off Amazon and not from an actual distributor but I did my research. Although the ml quantity is small, I did love the scent and it did its job to help with sleeping. Not only for me but for my boys as well.

Beach Water Shoes – I got this for our cruise vacation but never actually used them. So I tested them out when we went on our mini getaway and I LOVED how comfy and soft these are. They’re not like your typical water shoes. These feel like socks with a yoga mat inside them. I highly recommend them. My fiancé and the boys even have them. They love it.

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner – As a makeup artist, I work on MANY MANY MANY people throughout the day. So having this brush cleaner is the best thing ever. It disinfects, cleans and dries in seconds. It’s amazing for spot cleaning. I have gone through 3 bottles of these. I simply use a small spray bottle that I get from Target and dump a certain amount in the bottle for when I work on clients. I always spot clean in between clients. Cause duh, I have to be sanitary. No cross contamination happening here! I still recommend doing a deep washing on your brushes at least 1-2x a month if they are your own brushes. Your brushes still need that.

MacBook Hard Case – This is a must for me. I love having a protective sort of case on my MacBook. Cause with kids you never know. This one came with a cute keyboard cover as well. I personally don’t use it as often. It’s also a reasonably priced case.

Rose Gold Pens – Another must for when working. They are so easy to use and they’re cute to display on your desk.

Beauty Sponges Pack – In my line of work having a variety of beauty blenders is another must for me. I love to have at least 10 beauty sponges with me in my makeup kit. I never use the same sponge on different people. That’s gross. So finding a brand that sells them by 5 is amazing. Saves me money.

Power Bank A.K.A Portable Charger – Bought this for our cruise vacation to have on hand especially at the airport. This comes in handy all the time. I always have it in my purse and it’s great for when you need to do a little phone charging. Most places sell these at an expensive price but I found this one for only $17.99. BARGAIN!

So these are my current Amazon Favorite Purchases, I plan to update you guys as often as possible. Especially since we are registering at Amazon for our wedding.

What’s your favorite Amazon purchase(s)?


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