Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day starts tomorrow and will run for 48 hours (7/15-7/16). If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you won’t be able to shop the sale. I personally recommend signing up, I pay $13/month and I think it’s the best investment I’ve made. Having the Amazon Prime makes shipping so much better, I get my orders usually within 1-2 days. But depending where you live you may get it the same day or the next day.

In addition to the amazing 2-day shipping (or less), you also get exclusive deals to Prime members enjoy special benefits such as Prime Delivery, Prime Video, and Prime Music. If you are not a Prime member and in order to access the sale.

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Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day Sales Must-Haves

If you are shopping Amazon Prime Day sales. All of these items I purchased on Prime and I highly recommend it. Each of one of these things, I’ve shared on my blog or social media before.

Essential Oil Diffuser – You guys know that I love diffusing essential oils. I think it was the best thing I ever purchased.

Portable Steamer – This is a great thing to have at home or when you are traveling. No one likes to have wrinkly clothes especially when traveling.

Air Fryer – LOVE having this because I can easily air fry things like chicken wings, french fries, chicken tenders or anything that requires frying without the added grease. We use this so much.

Waterpik – I floss at least 2-3x a day especially with having to wear the clear liners. So sometimes when I eat things that get really stuck in my teeth, my dentist recommended getting a Waterpik and I am happy I did. Instead of spending $100+ I found this one on Amazon.

Kindle – I have this Kindle and I love it because it’s white paperwhite so if I am outside reading, I don’t have to worry about any glares. Which I hate. I’ve had this for 3 years now. I also love that it’s solely just booked you’ve purchased versus having what the Kindle Fire offers. I get distracted easily.

Portable Charger – I am always on the go, so having my portable charger with me gives me peace in mind that I can charge my phone on the go versus having to stay plugged to a wall.

Tripod – If you’re looking for a good tripod for your camera, highly recommend this one. I love that it’s adjustable for how high you want it.

Coffee Mug Holder – I was on the hunt for a while for a cute coffee mug stand and I found this one. It’s more of a drying rack but I use it as a mug holder.

Velvet Hangers – Having these in our closet is the best! I don’t have to worry about clothes falling off because the hanger is velvet and it holds the clothes securely.

Electric Toothbrushes – We were getting sick of manual brushing and we decided to buy electric toothbrushes. Which our dentist actually recommended. Ours was under $20 and the kid’s electric toothbrushes were under $30.

Portable Fan – I hate feeling hot and I love that I found this because it’s USB charging so no batteries are needed. Was also surprised by how strong the fan works. It has 2 speeds.

Travel Makeup Case – I love that it allows you to add brushes to the case so I don’t have to worry about taking 2 different cases.

Vital Proteins Beauty Boost Supplement – This is part of my skincare routine again because I loved how it was making my skin feel. I’ve talked about this before on my blog.

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Fall fashion will be amongst us soon and I am a sucker for fall fashion. I know that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is happening but I’m a firm believer of shopping within our means and sticking to a budget. In other words, I love affordable. Amazon has amazing great dupes for all the things that Nordstrom has. These are just a few of my favorite dupes that I have found on Amazon.

Alright, beauty items worth the purchase. All of these beauty items are 30% OFF and they’re all of my favorite beauty items that I use. Take advantage of luxury brand deals.

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