Apartment Balcony Decor Idea

Apartment Balcony Decoration Idea

No shame. We still live in an apartment. I honestly do not mind it sometimes because we love being able to contact maintenance when we need something fixed or the fact our apartment has a pool, gym, and of course the beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows. Since we moved into this apartment about a year ago (we’ve technically lived in the same building for 3 years) we have been working on decorating our balcony.


Apartment Balcony Decoration Idea

Apartment Balcony Decoration Idea

Apartment Balcony Decoration Idea

Apartment Balcony Decoration Idea

Apartment Balcony Decor Idea

When it came to figuring out what I wanted for our balcony, I know I wanted to keep things neutral with modern boho vibes. We also wanted this place to be a place we can go to, to enjoy a glass of wine or coffee. Especially at night. Okay, let’s talk about the things I got for my balcony.

Balcony Privacy Screen

This was a must for us. With having small dogs and one of them being only 4lbs. We needed a little bit of security to protect her. She’s a reactive dog and she will bark at anything or anyone. We also don’t want people seeing us on our balcony while we are out there. There are so many different styles of privacy screens we chose the black one because it fits perfectly with our style.

Outdoor Patio Set

With living in an apartment your outdoor furniture has to be a little different. I was cautious with the furniture because of the size of our balcony. We found ours in the sale and it fit perfectly on our balcony. They’re also so comfortable. I also love that it came with the small tables.

White Poufs

Omg, this took me forever to find. The reason is that I was indecisive. I initially didn’t want anything white because lets be honest, white is hard to maintain. But I ended up getting them in white. They do have other colors but at the time of purchase, white was only available. These are going to be great as a footrest.

Tabletop Tiki Torch

I love that they’re making this in tabletop versions. I do not want to be sitting outdoors and getting chewed up by mosquitos. These are so cute and it turns off the flame since it has a lid.

Plant Stand 

Another must for me as I love having flowers & herbs in small pots so I found this outdoor stand. I actually like how it looks. Pain in the butt to assemble but worth it.


These are solar lanterns and worth purchasing. You just need to turn it on and the sun charges it. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. I needed something to add to my table decor and these just fit in. You can find so many out there on Amazon if these are sold out.

Other items:
  1. Rug
  2. Lights

Apartment Balcony Decoration

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