Bella and Bear Makeup Brushes

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Bella and Bear Makeup Brushes

I’m very picky when it comes to makeup brushes because I like to make sure that they’re going to do what it’s supposed to do. I’ve to purchase makeup brushes before that I truly hated. Last month Bella and Bear contacted me about doing a review on their brushes. First of all, I’ve never heard of this brand. I mean have you? So when they told me they were sending me their 15 piece makeup brush set plus three of their NEWEST brushes, I was so excited to see how good these brushes were.

About Bella and Bear

Bella and Bear is a brand that was born out of a passion for beauty (and also cats, but more on that later). We want to bring quality, affordable beauty products to people all around the world. We want women to feel that our products are not only functional but also fun and pretty and therefore something they want to use and keep far into the future. We take pride in the products we create and we use them ourselves on a daily basis so we understand the needs of women and what makes a great product. Bella and Bear is more than just a store, we are a brand, a product line and a we love what we do. It is more than just a job for the both of us and that shows in our products and our customer service, if it breaks we fix it, if it  just is not what you wanted we will replace it for you.  via Bella & Bear

Bella and Bear Makeup Brushes

Kitten Makeup Brush Set ($65) includes:

15 Professional Quality Brushes – The brushes are made from the highest quality combination of Natural and Synthetic Hair. The face brushes are so soft and definitely blends very well when it comes to applying makeup. The eye brushes are seriously my FAVORITE. They remind me of the Morphe Brushes.

High-Quality Hard Case – The case the brushes came in, is perfect for when you’re on the go. Protects your brushes and it also includes a guide of what each brush does (see image above).

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Bella and Bear Makeup Brushes

Bella & Bear also has added 3 NEW brushes to their collections. The Jaguar Angled Kabuki brush, Bobcat Blush Brush, and Serval Angled Eyeliner brush.

What I find unique about these brushes is that they’re named after the world’s wild cats. Many of which are endangered. By doing this they hope to make more people aware of the plight of some of these animals. By purchasing this product you are contributing to the preservation of these beautiful creatures all over the world. As seen in Elle Magazine.

Overall I really enjoy using these brushes and me definitely it’s worth the splurge compared to spending hundreds of dollars on other brushes.

Have you tried Bella & Bear?

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