Best Facial Moisturizers for Winter Months

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Best Facial Moisturizers for Winter Months

This winter has been pretty brutal on my skin. Not only on my body but also on my face. I normally have oily skin but the past few weeks my skin has been dry. Especially when I get out of the shower because I love taking hot showers, I know it’s bad. But I can’t help it. So when I do get out of the shower my skin feels like leather. Like it’s itchy and tight.

Best Facial Moisturizers

I’ve been testing out a few hydrating moisturizers. Normally I tend to stay away from hydrating moisturizers but my skin has been needing some hydration. Now I know you’re probably wondering why there are 5 moisturizers but that’s because I love to switch between depending on how much hydration my face needs. Out of the 5, 3 of them I use in the am right before I do my makeup. 

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Best Facial Moisturizers for Winter Months


This product is a 2-in-1. Not only do you get a moisturizer but you also get a primer. It’s made with Coconut Water and other superfood ingredients. It’s a natural, complexion-enhancing moisturizer instantly brightens, hydrates and smooths in one simple step while helping blur the appearance of pores and imperfections.

I love using this moisturizing primer right before I apply my makeup. I still use a primer before applying my foundation but with the Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer, I do get a glowy luminous looking skin.  

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Best Facial Moisturizers for Winter Months


A silky-light moisturizer which is fast absorbing to lock-in moisture for all-day protection (24 hours to be exact). It contains a super-hydrating watermelon extract, loaded with a souped-up mix of oxygenators, a wrinkle-smoothing marine plant, and elasticity-promoting raspberry stem cells. The moisturizer will leave your skin brighter, tighter, dewier and plump all day.  

The moisturizer is great to be applied either in the am or night, even before doing your makeup. 

Best Facial Moisturizers for Winter Months

pūr-lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer

Made from white tea, vitamin E and French marine plants it glides on like a gel and hydrates like a cream. It’s a fast-absorbing, soothing formula instantly delivers intense hydration and prevents fine lines and wrinkles for a healthy, dewy and supple skin. I prefer to use this on days I’m not wearing makeup. 

Best Facial Moisturizers for Winter Months


I have raved about how much I love this brand on my insta-stories. I have yet to be disappointed by this brand. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is quite EXPENSIVE. But it’s luxury skincare. The cream reduces wrinkles within 14 days, improves hydration, and your skin will look firmer and radiant. I love to use to this at night after I have taken off my makeup and washed my face. 

Best Facial Moisturizers for Winter Months

Soap & Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture 

If you’re someone who suffers from intensely dry skin I would recommend using the Soap & Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture. This is an over-night mousse moisturizer. Not only will this hydrate your skin overnight but it will keep doing its work 8 hours after. So your skin will look feel soft, soothed, and fine-lined smoothed. 

What moisturizers are you loving this winter?

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