The Best of e.l.f. Cosmetics

It’s been a while since I’ve rounded up my favorite products from a specific brand. I love doing these types of posts because I am able to share with you guys what products from that specific brand I truly love and have been enjoying. You can check out my other round-up posts for Physicians Formula, NYX Cosmetics and Maybelline. I do need to update the NYX Cosmetics and Maybelline as I have tried newer products from them. So stay tuned for that.

This week I am sharing with you all of my favorite products from e.l.f Cosmetics. This brand is known for how REASONABLY priced their products are, including their skincare. Now because their products are reasonably priced, doesn’t mean their products are going to be bad. You’d be surprised how many great products they have out there.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means if you choose to purchase something from this post, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting Jasmine Maria Blog! Full disclaimer here. 

The Best of e.l.f. Cosmetics

best of e.l.f. cosmetics

Favorite e.l.f Cosmetics Eye Products

Rose Gold Sunset & Nude Palette – By far my favorite palettes from e.l.f Cosmetics. They’re perfect for everyday wear, the colors are pigmented and very blendable.

Expert Liquid Liner – I was surprised by how good this liquid eyeliner is by them. I love how skinny the applicator is.

Glitter Primer – I have always used the NYX Glitter Primer but this one is just as good. Even if you’re using it to enhance the shimmery eyeshadows.

High Definition Under Eye Powder – I wish this came in a bigger container. It’s so good to use after concealing your eyelids or when you do your concealer under the eyes.

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best of e.l.f. cosmetics

Favorite e.l.f Cosmetics Face Products

Poreless Face Primer – I have been using this for months. I love how it smells and how it makes my pores disappear. It contains tea tree which is why I love it so much. Does create a smooth surface for your foundation.

Oil Control Primer Mist – Great to use if you’re someone who has oily skin. You can use this as a primer and/or setting spray. I personally love to use it after I have applied my primer. This ensures my skin stays oil-free.

Hydrating Face Primer – Dry skin girls, this is a MUST. I actually carry this in my freelance kit. I love using it on my dry skin clients. Creates a beautiful smooth canvas while hydrating the skin.

Dewy Setting Mist – Want a dewy finish, use this. You will have beautiful glowing skin. Perfect for those with dry skin.

HD Lifting Concealer – I wish this concealer came in more shades because I do love it. Such beautiful coverage without feeling so cakey.

Modern Metals Blush & Highlighter palette – I’ve actually talked about this palette on the blog before. It’s beautiful and works amazingly with all skin tones. The blush shades are pigmented as well as the highlighting shades.

Powder Blush Palette – This palette comes in light and dark so it suits all skin tones. Colors are pigmented.

Illuminating Palette – One of my holy grail highlighting palettes. The colors are pigmented and it’s not glittery at all.

Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick – Apply this over your foundation and you’re going to have a beautiful glow within.

Translucent Shine Free Mattifying Powder – I love having in this my purse. It’s a great way to touch up throughout the day. It keeps my skin matte.

Cream Contour Palette – AMAZING contour palette. So pigmented and it blends like a dream. I have one for myself and one in my freelance kit for my clients.

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best of e.l.f. cosmetics

Favorite e.l.f Cosmetics Lip Products

Velvet Matte Lipstick – I love a good matte lipstick and this one is good. It’s silky and infused with Argan Oil, Rose, and Vitamin E to help condition, replenish, and soothe the lips.

Runway Ready Lip Palette – This is perfect for when you’re traveling. You get a great variety of shades. The lip colors are pigmented, creamy and they are infused with Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil to condition and nourish the lips.

Lip Exfoliator – MY HOLY GRAIL! I use this to scrub my dry lips. Helps remove the dry skin. Comes in 5 other colors. Brown Sugar is my favorite.

Lip Definer & Shader – Great to use if you want to make your lips look fuller and plumpy. I use the lip liner first, apply lipstick and then use the glow side on my cupids bow.

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best of e.l.f. cosmetics

Favorite e.l.f Cosmetics Skincare Products

Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer – lightweight moisturizer but can also be used as a primer before makeup. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Beautifully Bare Glowtion – Want a glowy skin without makeup? This is a good moisturizer for that. It’s infused with Micro Shimmering Pearls, Vitamin E, Orange, Lemon, and Grape Extract to enrich and protect the skin.

Hydrating Water Sheet Masks – If you’re someone with dry skin, I highly recommend this. Great mask to give your dry skin some hydration. It gives your skin a glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Hydrating Bubble Mask – This is probably one of my favorite bubble masks. Not only is it a mask but it’s actually a cleanser as well. It applies like a gel but the gel fizzes into thousands of tiny bubbles that gently wash away dirt and clear out pores, leaving your skin with a hydrated glow.

Massaging Facial Cleanser – I LOVE LOVE LOVE using this when I am cleansing my face. It reminds of my old Foreo Luna which was $200 and this is $20.

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best of e.l.f. cosmetics

Favorite e.l.f Cosmetics Brushes and Sponges

Buffing Foundation Brush – I have this one in my freelance kit, I love how it applies foundation. Gives a beautiful finish with no streaks.

Contouring Brush – A great dupe for the NARS contouring brush. Also great for baking. Whether you’re using it with powder or cream products, you’re going to get a beautiful finish.

Blush Brush – Okay so I actually don’t use this for makeup, but to apply my any masks lol. I just love how perfect the brush head is.

Small Stipple Brush – Amazing to blend out your cream contour.

Precision Sculpting Brush – Another great brush to use for contouring, especially on the nose.

Fluffy Eye Blender – great for blending eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Brush – love how this applies any eyeshadow. Whether it’s shimmery, metallic or foil.

Smudge Brush – I use this to smudge eyeshadow on my lower eyelids to give me that smokey effect.

Precision Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush – One of my favorite brushes to apply powder brow products.

Tapered Blending Brush – Great applying color to the crease and under the eyes effortless.

Total Face Sponge – Amazing beauty blender. I love using this to apply foundation.

Blending Sponge – Another great beauty blender. Doesn’t take up too much of the product.

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  1. Lina Melo wrote:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    Posted 5.7.19 Reply
  2. I love ELF makeup. The lip exfoliator is definitely my favorite also.

    Posted 5.7.19 Reply
  3. Annaliese wrote:

    Love elf brushes- they make my favorite eyeshadow blending brush! I need to look at their face primer.

    xoxo A

    Posted 5.7.19 Reply
  4. Kelsie Corbett wrote:

    I need that blush palette for Greece!!! Love all things ELF!!

    Posted 5.7.19 Reply
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    e.l.f. is the best! I love so many of their products, how affordable they are, and the fact that they’re cruelty-free! Their brow gel/powder, brushes, blushes, bronzers, setting sprays, and brush cleaners are my favorite!

    Posted 5.7.19 Reply
    • I haven’t tried any of their new brow products. I plan to buy some this weekend.

      Posted 5.9.19 Reply
  6. I LOVE elf products! They are quite innovative and have some great prices. I own a couple of their eyeshadow palettes and I’ve been in love with them.

    Posted 5.7.19 Reply
  7. Kiara wrote:

    I love elf cosmetics! I haven’t been able to try a lot of their products yet, but their primer and eyeliner are both incredible. So I am sure I would love other items they have!

    Posted 5.7.19 Reply
  8. I love ELF Cosmetics! Their highlighter is my favorite! I have used their face primer before but not their eyeshadows, they look like great shades.

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  9. Perri wrote:

    I so appreciate this round up! As someone who doesn’t know too much about makeup, I’m glad to hear that I’m using a good primer and blender sponge. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  10. I have always loved elf cosmetics! I am a fan of their Skincare products and have always recommended elf to my friends.:)

    This is such a great post!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  11. Kileen wrote:

    Definitely need to try some of these! Their face brushes are really soft and their palettes look amazing!

    cute & little

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  12. Whitney wrote:

    Wow this is such a great roundup! There’s so many new products on this list that I need to try!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  13. aisasami wrote:

    I have really rarely seen e.l.f makeup here in Japan as it is bombarded with Japanese and more well-known American brands. But, I pass this along to my sister who lives in the States and know these brands.

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  14. elf is one of my go-to brands. i love their brushes!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  15. Deborah wrote:

    Elf products are so underrated – I love all of these!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  16. I’m super interested in the velvet matte lipstick and setting mist. Thanks for sharing this list!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  17. Kimberly wrote:

    Thanks for sharing this. I recently bought the Hydrating Face Primer, but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, I’ m going to make sure I do now. I love the lip exfoliator, I don’t remember what shade I have, but it’s amazing. I’ve been meaning to pick up a few more products especially beauty sponges, so thanks for sharing this, super helpful.

    ~Kimberly | The Sitting Beauty Diaries

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  18. Nataly wrote:

    I love the Elf makeup brushes! They are so good!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
  19. Tonya Morris wrote:

    ELF has been killing it lately! Highly recommend their new putty primer, Jeffree Star is obsessed with it! I am definitely going to be on the lookout for that cleanser tool!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
    • I need to give that putty primer a try. Also hoping they have new foundation shades so I can try it.

      Posted 5.9.19 Reply
  20. I don’t own a ton of ELF products but the ones I do have are great quality! The bubble mask has caught my eye several times in Target, and I think you just persuaded me to try it!

    Posted 5.8.19 Reply
    • Girl you need that bubble mask. It tickles but your face feels so clean afterwards.

      Posted 5.9.19 Reply
  21. I love Elf products!!! They are so affordable.

    Posted 5.10.19 Reply
  22. brandy mcewan wrote:

    I have sensitive and oily skin and Elf products have been amazing for my skin type. It doesn’t even feel like you are wearing makeup. the sprays and contours are amazing and hold really well. For me to say that about cosmetics, it’s real deal.

    Posted 7.7.20 Reply