Best of Pixi Beauty

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Best of Pixi Beauty

I’ve been using Pixi Beauty products for a solid 5 years now. I love that they’re available at Target and Ulta so I can easily pick them up at my local stores. Pixi Beauty has a variety of makeup and skincare goodies. I personally have tried many of their products and I am sharing with you guys the best products I’ve loved and think you would love too.

Best of Pixi Beauty Makeup

First, let’s talk about their makeup products and which ones I love. I’ve talked about these products on my blog and on social media. I still recommend them because they’re that good.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means if you choose to purchase something from this post, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting Jasmine Maria Blog! Full disclaimer here. 

Makeup Fixing Mist – For a drugstore brand, this makeup setting spray is BOMB! I personally love to use this one right when I apply my face primers before adding my foundation because I feel that it makes the makeup look more airbrushed and soft. It contains rose water and green tea to protect and balance your skin. It also helps the makeup to settle into the fine lines or pores.

PixiGlow Cake – This is a 3-in-1 cheek color. It has a bronzer, blush, and highlight. It’s going to give your complexion a radiant effect while giving you a luminous sheer wash of color. I personally love to use this in the summer.

Eye Reflections Shadow Palette – These palettes are perfect for everyday wear. I love that they have a variety of shades. My favorite one is definitely the Natural Beauty. It has shades of gold and brown tones.

Glow-y Powder – They have a variety of these but my favorite ones are the originals. I love the highlight gives a beautiful glow without it being glittery or too much. It has mineral powder to brighten your complexion.

MatteLast Liquid Lipstick – Out of all the lipsticks Pixi Beauty have, these are by far my favorite. They’re long-lasting and come in 14 different shades. They’re also comfortable on the lips and not drying at all since it contains Rosehip oil. A few of my shades are Pastel Petal, Matte Beige, Real Red, Bare Beauty, Caliente Coral, and Evening Rose.

Endless Silky Eye Pen – I have a lot of colors in this eye pen. I love that the colors are pigmented. The eye pens are long-lasting and waterproof. Don’t worry about any smudges because that doesn’t happen with these. They also glide-on smoothly.

Glow-y Gossamer Duos – Another great pigmented highlighter. I love that the highlight palette comes with 2 shades. My personal favorite for my skin tone is delicate dew.

Lower Lash Mascara – I personally love this mascara. You only use it for your lower lash. The reason why I do love the lower lash mascara it’s because it has a slim brush with short bristles to coat your lower lashes, especially if you have very short lashes.

Best of Pixi Beauty Skincare

Okay, let’s talk about their skincare products! I love some of their skincare products. Here are a few of my favorite skincare products I love from the brand.

Double Cleanse – At first when I tried this product out, I wasn’t too sure about it. But after a few times of using it, I did fall in love with it. I love that I was able to remove my makeup with it and then cleanse my skin. On one side of the jar is an oil-based cleanser. It easily breaks down and removes dirt, makeup, and sunscreen. On the other side of the jar is a luxe cleansing cream that cleanses and conditions your skin to get it prepped for your skincare routine!

Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover – I recently got this one. This is a great alternative to remove your makeup if you don’t want to use makeup wipes. Simply pump the milky makeup remover onto a cotton pad and it’ll remove your makeup, lipstick, and even your most stubborn waterproof mascara.

Glow Mud Cleanser – One of my favorite cleansers from Pixi. the reason why I love this cleanser, it’s because deep cleans your pores out. It contains Glycolic (5%) and soothing botanicals. It’s suitable for all skin types. This cleanser will not leave your skin feeling rough or dry. It will help exfoliate your skin giving you a glowy look.

Glow Tonic – I actually have like 5 bottles because I never want to run out. The Glow Tonic is amazing on my skin. It helps exfoliate and purify my skin since it contains Glycolic Acid. The ginseng helps improve circulation and energizes your skin. Aloe Vera will soothe and hydrate your skin. Overall the Glow Tonic will refine the appearance of pores while giving you a glowy complexion.

Vitamin-C Tonic – Another great tonic to use. This tonic helps create a smooth and vibrant complexion. There’s a lot of benefits to using the Vitamin-C Tonic.

  • It contains rich antioxidants to give you a healthy glow.
  • Probiotics fortify your skin’s natural barrier.
  • Vitamin-C & Ferulic Acid will help your skin from any sun damage.
  • Gives you a smoother complexion and even skin tone.
  • Willow Bark and Fruit Extracts gently exfoliates your skin.
  • Aloe Vera Extract provides soothing hydration.

DetoxifEYE Hydrogel Under-Eye Patch – I used these on my wedding day because I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep the night before. I put these in the fridge the night before my wedding. It helps instantly de-puff and revives the under-eye area. It’s formulated to refresh, hydrate, and rejuvenate the delicate under-eye skin for effective eye bags treatment.

Jasmine Oil Blend – If you’re someone who has dehydrated or dull skin, then you want to add this oil to your skincare routine. It helps repair damage as well as calm and restore stressed and unbalanced skin.

24K Eye Elixir – This eye elixir is infused with age-defying ingredients to help refresh your eyes and prevent signs of fatigue. Thee collagen in the elixir is going to help repair the delicate eye area, peptides plump any fine lines, and the raspberry tones your skin. The rollerball applicator soothes and helps circulation around the eyes. Tip: Place it in the fridge and use it every morning.

Rose Cream Cleanser – Another great cleanser. This one is mineral-rich mud that cleanses your skin and also helps strengthen and soften skin.

Peel & Polish – If you want a good exfoliating scrub for your skin, this is a great option. It helps remove dead skin cells, gently exfoliates, and polishes your skin.

Overnight Glow Serum – Want a glowy skin by morning you need to add this to your skincare routine. This miracle serum works while you sleep to give you a brighter complexion.

Tell me, what are your favorite Pixi Beauty items?

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  1. 6.26.20
    Amanda said:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Glow Tonic, and I personally want to try Pixiglow and the matte liquid lipsticks. I have some eyeshadow palettes and they have not failed me yet!

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com