Blogging Tools I Use Daily

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Blogging Tools I Use Daily

I don’t think people realize how hard blogging can be. People assume it’s super easy and anyone can do it but that’s false. Us bloggers put in a lot of work and hours into blogging. When I first started blogging I remember how terrible my writing and pictures were. Even marketing on social media was HORRIBLE. But I have since improved in a lot of that and I am here to share with you my Top 10 Blogging Tools I Use Daily to help me with my blog. There are so many tools out there but these have been go-to and trusty tools.

Blogging Tools I Use Daily

Blogging Tools I Use Daily

Blogging Tools I Use Daily

Blogging Tools I Use Daily

Blogging Tools I Use Daily

Majority of these tools are free and some have the option to upgrade if you want more features on your account. I usually opt-in for the upgrade where I pay a monthly fee.

Hosting Provider

Having a good hosting provider is important for your blog. I use to have GoDaddy but up until a few months ago, I decided to switch to Siteground and it was the best decision ever. The support department is so amazing and they know what they are doing. My site is running smoother with no issues and I get weekly updates on my site letting me know if my site is clean. Meaning no one has hacked into it.
Web Hosting


Some people don’t realize that Grammarly is a FREE tool to use but you do have the option to upgrade to their premium plan where you can get access to over 400 checks and features. One of my absolute favorite things about Grammarly is their apps. They have a chrome extension and an app for Mac users. The chrome extension continuously checks your grammar and spelling – regardless of the site that you’re on. BIG PET PEEVE of mine, is grammatical errors and incorrect spellings. I want to make sure that my posts are up to par.


I have talked about this app before on the blog. I love using this tool for my editorial calendar, creating to-do lists, content planning, and keep track of payments. Although I do use a planner, I still love to have this tool on my blog so I can have it on the go. It’s FREE but has an option to upgrade for more features.

Social Media Scheduling

You have no idea how important it is to schedule social media posts. This helps push out your posts while you are away from your computer. You can easily schedule posts on the go by using the apps. My favorite ones to use are Tailwind (for Pinterest), Buffer and Hootsuite (for Facebook & Twitter, and Planoly (for Instagram).


I love having an email subscription account for my blog. It allows my readers to be able to stay up to date with my current posts. It’s also free but has an option to upgrade for more features. This is also a great way for your readers to follow your blog.

Canva for Work

I personally don’t know how to use Photoshop. Creating Pinterest worthy pins is important for your blog posts so I like to use Canva for Work. I do pay a monthly fee for it which is $12.95 and you can create so many graphic designs or even designs like a header or banner for your blog & social media. I can create my own brand kit which means if I have a logo, colors or fonts, I can use that and it’ll save it to the account so my graphics look cohesive and true to my brand.


Some people don’t like PayPal because of fees but honestly, I love using it for my blog. I don’t have to open an account for my business through my bank, I can easily send invoices to brands I am working with and I can get that money to my account & I have a debit card to use that money. It’s a great way to keep track of your expenses.

QuickBooks for Self-Employed

This is a must for those that are self-employed. A great way to mark your expenses for your business and pay your quarterly taxes. This also helps when it comes to filing your taxes. I’ve been using this 3 years now and I don’t regret investing in it.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

I was happy when I made the investment on this. It’s helped me edit my photos for my blog posts and social media so much easier. It is $10/month but so worth it. The subscription does include Photoshop CC, Acrobat Reader DC, and Lightroom CC (which is different from the Classic CC).

Google Analytics

If you don’t have this, you are completely missing out on stats for your blog. The stats on WordPress (if you use it) isn’t always accurate. Having Google Analytics is amazing for your blog to give you real-time and true stats.

Yoast SEO Plugin

I have to say that anything related to search engine optimization freaked me out when I first started to blog. Ever since I downloaded the plugin, it has helped my blog so much. It will help you optimize your blog post title, URL, and even the content inside your article. I highly recommend this plugin and it’s free.

Smush Pro

If you’re having issues with your site not loading it’s probably because your photos are too big. Thankfully I switched to Smush Pro because it automatically optimizes my photos so that when someone comes to my site, it loads within a few seconds. I do pay $49/month.

I’m sure you’ve seen many posts like this but these are by far my favorite blogging tools and I use daily. I can’t see myself not using them. They keep me so organized and sane when it comes to running my business.

What’s your favorite blogging tool?

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