Boho Festival Makeup

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Boho Festival Makeup

I have never done a festival makeup look before and I was so excited to post this on the blog. I have been getting so inspired by other makeup artists who created a makeup look for Coachella that I wanted to create something I would wear to Coachella or a music festival. 

When deciding what look I wanted to create, I wanted to incorporate colors I would not wear on a daily basis. So blue was definitely the color I chose. I’ve noticed that for festival makeup looks a lot of people love to use glitter and I wanted that for my eyes with a very bronze look. 

Because I have oily skin, I definitely made sure that I used products that were mattifying because music festivals are outside and it can be HOT!

Also, this week’s makeup look is a collaboration with Noelle, Kelsie, and Ashleigh

Boho Festival Makeup

Boho Festival Makeup

Boho Festival Makeup

Boho Festival Makeup

Boho Festival Makeup Look




For the gold circle dots above my brows, I used the Jesse’s Girl Liquid Shadow in Gold Dust. I really loved how this makeup look turned out. I think festival makeup looks are so fun to create because there are NO boundaries. You can add glitter to your face or jewels. So much fun. 

Kelsie Kristine // Ashleigh Rose // Noelle 

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