Bridal Jewelry with Sara Gabriel

Bridal Jewelry with Sara Gabriel

Bridal Accessories with Sara Gabriel

214 days until I say I do. Or should I say we say we do? Either way, the wedding is in 7 months which means, time to finalize every little detail. I have been stressing out, to be honest, I just don’t show it as much but I’m such an anal person when it comes to planning. I want everything to be perfect but I know that’s not how things work. But at least I get to have control of what I want to wear, what jewelry or accessories I plan to have on for the wedding. Also for my bridesmaids. Today I’m going to feature some beautiful pieces from Sara Gabriel. 

Sara Gabriel

Sara Gabriel is the designer of this beautiful bridal accessory brand based in Denver. She creates beautiful wedding accessories with vintage inspirations that embody the spirited traditionalist. They make everything from veils, jewelry, sashes and more.

Bridal Jewelry with Sara Gabriel

Mini Chelsea Earrings

For my bridesmaids, I decided to go with these dainty, simple and elegant earrings. Thankfully my bridesmaids are not high maintenance at all which really helped me when it came to picking their earrings. Of course, I can’t wait to see them wear them. The earrings are made from Swarovski crystals and pearls. Even though they are small, they still shimmer and shine. You get the option of picking from 3 different metals; gold, silver or rose gold AND you can pick from 3 different colors when it comes to the crystal; clear, opal or champagne. I went with silver and clear crystals because my bridesmaids’ dresses are navy.

Bridal Jewelry with Sara Gabriel

Bridal Jewelry with Sara Gabriel

Bridal Jewelry with Sara Gabriel

When it came to picking my pieces for my big day, I knew that I didn’t want to wear a veil. Because my dress is an open low back dress with lots of bling. So I didn’t want to hide the beautiful back at all. I decided that I would want to wear somewhat of a statement earrings with a flashy bracelet. I have to be honest, these pieces remind me and resemble the back of my wedding dress.

Astyn Earrings 

For my piece, I picked the Astyn Earrings. I love that they’re long and sparkly. The earrings have a double drop with a set of Swarovski crystals. I was able to pick from any 3 crystal color and metal color so I picked the same as my bridesmaids.

Lindsay Bracelet

Since I wasn’t going to be wearing a necklace due to the high neckline I have. I wanted a bracelet. As you can see in the picture, it has 3 sparkling diamond-shaped sections hand-set with Swarovski crystals that float between double strands of crystal-set chain and join with a vintage-inspired filigree clasp. You do get the option to pick from 3 different crystal colors and metal colors.

Are they nickel free?

YES! I, my sister and my best friend are all allergic to nickel. Which makes me happy that Sara Gabriel is nickel-free. Their silver option is rhodium-plated metal, and both gold and rose gold options feature 10k gold-plated metal. All metal options offered resist tarnish.

You guys have no idea how excited I am to wear my pieces. I will definitely be sharing photos of them after the wedding.

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  1. These are such beautiful pieces, I’m loving all the wedding posts!!! Its so much fun to follow along!!! Congrats again!

  2. These jewels are just gorgeous! I love the bling! Since I was more boho than glam, I had super simple jewels, but if I’d wanted something more – these would’ve been a great option. They’re seriously stunning.

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