Callyssee Skincare Review

Callyssee Skincare Review

Who here loves coffee?? ME! ME! ME! I love the smell coffee and of course drinking it. I have been testing out a few skincare products from a brand called Callyssee Cosmetics. They have skincare products created from caffeine-based that smell like delicious coffee. Callyssee has products for bath, body and facial care. Their products are meant to give you a serious glow to your skin.

Callyssee Skincare Review

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Callyssee Skincare Review

Callyssee Skincare Review

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Callyssee Skincare Review

I have been testing out 3 products from their collection and I am excited to talk to you about it. Let’s just say that these products are great to use in the morning because it will definitely wake you up and you’ll want to get your day started.

Macchiato Foaming Cleanser

This facial cleanser is simply amazing. First, let’s talk about the fact that the cleanser comes with a scrub! What?? This makes things so much easier when someone is washing their face. Having that scrub will ensure your skin is being cleansed deeply and getting rid of any dirt or even makeup left behind. The scrub is silicone bristles and it won’t irritate your skin at all. If anything it feels good on the skin.

The cleanser’s main ingredient is Organic Coffea Arabica (green coffee) Seed Extract and it goes deep into your skin to give you that glowy skin. What I also love about the cleanser is that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry at all. My skin felt smooth and soft after washing it. If you have acne-prone skin, this product is highly recommended!

Doppio Firming Eye Cream

Aging sucks and I’ve been on an eye cream kick. I love using eye creams because it makes sure there are no crows feet or wrinkles around my eyes. The Doppio Firming Eye Cream helps give your skin around the eyes a firmer and more lifted look. It contains natural ingredients so that the skin tightens and this will help avoid sagging eye looks. Nobody wants that. This eye cream also helps accelerate collagen products to your skin’s natural support structure. It’s gentle enough for all skin types. The eye cream main ingredient is Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract is paired with Shea Butter, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Glycerin to lock in moisture.

Whipped Moisturizing Cream

Can’t forget about moisturizer! It’s a key item after washing your face. Callyssee has two different types of this moisturizer, Normal to Dry Skin and Normal to Oily Skin. I got the Normal to Oily Skin as I get oily. I do have combination skin in the winter months and oily skin in the summer. The Whipped Moisturizing Cream is infused with Coconut Oil which is going to help target dryness without aggravating blemishes. It’s great for those days you want to have moisture to your skin without looking like a grease ball. Just like the other skincare products this too has Coffea Arabic (Organic Green Coffee) Extract. This helps repair the look of existing damage to the skin while softening and nurturing the skin. Two other ingredients are Calendula Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. 

Would I recommend Callyssee products? Yes, I do! I so far love these 3 products and will continue to use them. They have so many other products that I would totally want to try out. I also believe that these products are affordable.

If you want to give Callyssee a try, you can use my discount code: THEJASMINEMARIA and you get to SAVE 30% on your entire order.

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