Beauty and Office Space in a Small Apartment

As many of you know I live in an apartment with my two boys and fiancé. I don’t have a house yet (those are future goals). Right now financially we can’t afford to buy a house cause we are in the middle of planning a wedding and paying off debt. REAL ADULT PROBLEMS! But that hasn’t stopped me from creating a space for “beauty” and “office”. With living in a 2 bedroom apartment, my space is very limited.

6 Items to Brighten Your Bathroom

Who here loves to redecorate their home when the seasons change? This is something my mom did whenever summer or fall comes along. Now I got into the habit of doing the same thing. I personally love it doing it because it makes your home feel sort of new again. I also live in an apartment so the fact I have two bathrooms, it makes it more fun for me to redecorate. I love to mainly redecorate the “main” bathroom which is the one guests use when they come over and it’s the also the one my boys use a lot. 

Decorating for Fall On A Budget

It’s officially FALL. Even though in my mind the first day of Fall was on September 1st because let’s be honest majority of people are ready for Fall start of September. I have started to decorate my apartment 2 weeks before September because I wanted to see what I had and what I wanted to get. When it comes to decorating I like to make sure I shop on a budget. As someone who lives in an apartment, it’s hard for me to get so many things.

Home Decor: Spring Inspiration

Spring is here and with all the changes I’m doing in my apartment, I felt like I needed to do a Home Decor Spring Inspiration post. Right now my living room feels dark with the red couches I have and black furniture, so we’re doing a coffee table, tv stands and end tables from scratch to fit the “Rustic Farmhouse Style” I want. We are planning to get couch slip covers but I haven’t really found the ones I want. 

Holiday Must Haves – Christmas Edition

It’s no secret that I LOVE Christmas. Ever since I was a little, Christmas has always been my favorite holiday because of the decorations and the time we get to spend with our family. Being hispanic and growing up in New York we would always go to a family members house and all of us kids would have a ball opening up our presents. Now that I’m an adult decorating my apartment is the highlight of my life. I get to go to Hobby Lobby, Target or Walmart find the cutest Christmas decorations and pick out what I want for my living room, kitchen and bathrooms. It’s also something that my boys love to do. We even got them their own mini Christmas tree for their room. They love it. So today I wanted to share with you; Holiday Must Haves – Christmas Edition. 

DIY Noel Letters

Happy Friday babes. I’m doing something new on my blog. Since I’m a stay at home mom I’ve been wanting to do more DIY at home to pass time while the kids are at school. So I wanted to do my own “Noel” letters because I couldn’t find something I really liked at stores. Plus it’s cheaper to do it yourself. With the holidays coming up soon I definitely want to do more some holiday diy’s on the blog and hopefully you guys will like it.