Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids
Are you getting ready to shop for Christmas presents? I know we are going to be starting soon. The most important presents are the kid’s presents. See I have my own to buy presents but also I have my niece + 2 nephews. Brian has 3 nephews to get presents for. So what we like to do is tackle them by making a list of things we want to get them. 

Easier said than done. But if you’re someone who’s unsure of what to get a niece or nephew or friend’s, kids. I am sharing some ideas for great gifts for kids. When it comes to shopping for kids you want to get them things that they either like, will use for a while OR things you know they want. 

Gift Guide for Kids

Slippers + Pajamas – Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with these. I mean who doesn’t love getting slippers or jammies for Christmas. If you don’t something is wrong with you. SERIOUSLY! 

Toys – DUH! Kids love getting toys for Christmas. For my niece, I tend to stick with dolls. For my boys and nephew, I know they like Lego’s or action figures. 

Board Games – I feel like this is a must. Board games are not only great for the kids to play but also for the parents or family to join in. 

Other Ideas – Would be a dollhouse for girls, customized lounge chairs for their bedrooms (like bean bags), headphones, coloring books and gift cards. 

Remember when shopping for presents especially for kids, get them things that are either small so you can easily wrap them. Another reason we like to buy a bunch of small toys is so we can wrap them individually along with the big gifts so it looks like they got a lot of gifts. 

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