Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Her

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Her

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Her

Stocking stuffers can be either easy or hard, especially for girls. When it comes to stocking stuffers you want to get presents that are going to fit in the stocking and it doesn’t have to be all about beauty TRUST ME. There are some things from this list that I hope to get in my stocking this year. COUGH COUGH Santa. Plus everything on this list is under $50! So if you’re shopping on a budget, this is definitely budget-friendly gift guide.

The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Her

Nails Polish Gift Sets

These are so convenient when it comes to stocking stuffers. They’re small packages and you can easily get a set for a very good price. If she’s a fan of nail polish these will be a hit for her.


Winter Hats

Sometimes having just 1 winter hat isn’t enough. So adding these inside her stocking will make it a great gift for her in the winter. She can switch it up.


Lipstick Gift Sets

I don’t know about you but getting the mini gift sets of lipsticks are the best. It’s a great way to get a brand you have never tried and test out before you go and buy the actual size. These mini lipstick sets are so travel-friendly.


Perfume Gift Sets

Yes! My parents would always get me these because I use to love perfume so much. I still do but can only tolerate so much because of my allergies. But during this time of the year, they have great deals on perfume sets. They can also fit inside the stockings (if the box is too big you can always take them out of the box and wrap them, individually).


Winter Mittens/Gloves 

I lose mittens or gloves like crazy, so getting these for Christmas is a must for me. It reassures me I have extras for the winter.


Notebooks + Notepads

If you know that they love to write in journals, do bullet journals or even write to-do lists. Giving them a cute notebook or notepad is perfect to go in a stocking.


Cute Pens

Along with the notebook or notepad, she’s gotta have cute pens. I’m a sucker for cute pens.


Fuzzy or Cozy Socks

Uh hello. Every girl loves these. Easy gift to get for her and she won’t even be disappointed.


Hand Creams

Winter can be brutal in the hands especially if you live in a state where the weather can get super cold. I always carry hand creams in my purse so these are perfect for her to keep her hands moisturized.


Lip Balms

These are a hit for Christmas. Lip balms come in gift sets and you can get her favorite brand. She will have moisturized lips for the winter.


Gift Cards

Surprise her with a gift card to her favorite stores or even iTunes. These are always a good gift.

Her Favorite Candy

Brian knows to stuff my stocking with my favorite chocolate. If you do this she will be happy. But first, find out what her favorite candy is. Don’t want to get her something she’s not a fan of.


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