ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick

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Today were going to be talking about ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip sticks. Have you heard the rave about them? If you haven’t you’re missing out. It’s currently SOLD OUT. That’s how popular it is. Luckily I got the five colors I wanted. 


Let me just say that ColourPop was really good when it came to shipping my first product from them. I ordered these and it took almost a week to get. Which I can understand they had a lot of orders to send out but I was just a little disappointed because they shipped my other order the next day. 

Another thing is too, I’m not one to get all hyped about brands I’ve never heard of but when I watched a review from one of my favorite beauty vlogger Laura Lee I just knew I had to get it. 

The colors I got I felt like matched my skin tone.


1st Base – is like a light pink color. Definitely POPS.

Mars – Magenta feel good for the spring time.

Bumble – Is like a brown with red undertones. I love it. 

Trap – Is a nude with brown undertones.

Creeper – Poppy red. Definitely in love with this color.  

The lipstick is very pigmented. One application and your lips will look so pop’n. (Like what I did there?). They are long lasting, they don’t get patchy or crack, They have no scent in them unlike other brands and they dry extremely fast. (It applies wet and dries within seconds.) 

I had no issues with the packaging. The best part of this?? They’re only $6 + shipping. But if you sign up to their newsletter you get a promo code and get $5 off. BARGAIN!

They have a total of 25 colors. I’m hoping to get a few more of them once they restock. 

Were you able to get a hold of these amazing matte lipstick?

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  1. 7.15.15
    ashley said:

    Mars & Creeper are to die for! Want!

  2. 7.15.15

    I have never heard of these but I’m a lipstick addict! Creeper looks right up my alley!

    • 7.20.15

      I’m completely shocked you haven’t. Its been the talk of the beauty bloggers town lol

  3. 7.15.15

    Oh man this post made me so sad that they’re sold out. I saw on their Twitter they be restocking in early August. I will definitely be jumping on this bandwagon as soon as they restock. These are a must have!

  4. 7.15.15

    I have heard so much about these, I am so looking forward to trying some!

  5. 7.15.15

    I really love the creeper/ red. I could do the first base as well.

  6. 7.15.15

    Tarp & bumble are totally in my wheel house. I am heading to the states and plan on stocking up on new make up. If I can’t find a pretty lipstick I may just order me one from there. Thank you for sharing it! Love that Bumble color.

  7. 7.15.15
    Dana Brillante-Peller said:

    I like that they don’t crack or have a scent to them.

  8. 7.15.15
    Stephanie Bishop said:

    Oh- I love matte! And those colors are gorgeous!

  9. 7.15.15
    Shann Eva said:

    Those are awesome! I especially like the Bumble and Trap. And only $6?! No wonder they sold out.

  10. 7.15.15

    I love all those colors. 🙂 That’s an awesome deal too.

  11. 7.15.15
    Lindsay Katherine said:

    Can’t wait for these to be available!

  12. 7.15.15
    Katarina said:

    Wow! The ‘Trap’ looks amazing! I love other shades too, but that’s my favourite I think 🙂

  13. 7.15.15

    As a lipstick lover, I love this… will def. be checking this out and thanks for the promo code! Mars is right up my alley!

    • 7.20.15

      can’t go wrong with promo codes. I love to save on shopping.

  14. 7.15.15

    How did I just discover your blog? Love it! I’m a lover of matte lipsticks so I should look into these!

    • 7.20.15

      Aww thank you so much. Be sure to follow me via twitter & instagram 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.
      P.S. You’ll love these.

  15. 7.15.15
    Serene Mom said:

    Ooh, I love matte lipsticks and these look gorgeous. I usually use the Rimmel Kate lipsticks but I may have to try these.

  16. 7.15.15

    Ugh, I LOVE these! They are next on my list to get (just ordered 6 more lippie stix, which are also amazing!) I love the bumble and mars colors! And what a price!!

  17. 7.15.15
    rosemond cates said:

    Saw this on your instagram and LOVE matte lipstick! I had to pop over and see your post!! Thanks!

    Rosemond Cates

  18. 7.15.15

    Okay I NEED 1st Base and Mars – hopefully they restock soon!

  19. 7.15.15
    Justine Y said:

    Pretty colors! I never feel like I can pull off brights, but I do really love that Creeper color!

    • 7.20.15

      If you can find the right “bright” color that works with your skin tone you can rock it.

  20. 7.15.15
    Jessica Gardner said:

    Love bumble!!! beautiful

  21. 7.15.15

    I can’t ever get over your blog title. I absolutely love it. It looks like you got some amazing colors! I’m on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick.

  22. 7.15.15

    I really like those colors! Lip stick is something I’m picky about because it always seems to cling to dryness on my lips, no matter how much chapstick I wear!

    • 7.20.15

      oh that’s not good. Have you tried exfoliate your lips? I couldn’t wear lipstick before because of dryness but I exfoliate and its helped a lot.

  23. 7.15.15
    Amanda Rinehart said:

    Guuuurl, I do not need more lipstick!! But now… I’m gonna order some more lipstick. .That’s cheap! And they look awesome!

  24. 7.15.15
    Emma Byers said:

    These are BEAUTIFUL! And I love the way you displayed the colors. So fun.


  25. 7.15.15
    Diana said:

    Those colors look so pigmented! I definitely need to try these out so thanks for introducing me to them! http://www.littlemissfangirly.blogspot.com

  26. 7.15.15
    Kate Kryder said:

    These are beautiful colors! I want them all!

    • 7.20.15

      They restock in August from what I’ve heard so go get you some 🙂 xo

  27. 7.15.15

    Bumble looks amazing! I definitely need to hop on the colourpop train!

  28. 7.15.15
    Samantha Curtis said:

    Seriously want all of these.. So pretty!

  29. 7.15.15
    Heather Serra said:

    I love these names, lol. How can I name lipstick and nail polish for a living?…because that would be awesome :). I really like Bumble. Very pretty shade.

    • 7.20.15

      lol right!!! Whoever comes up with these names, they are clever for sure. I love the creeper because of the name.

  30. 7.15.15
    Riya Kalsi said:

    Wow! These are stunning! So very pretty n very affordable too. I love affordable stuff! Can’t wait for them to come back in stock! Thanks so much for sharing. I will remember to mention you when I do review on these! I am @ denimsanddresses.com

  31. 7.16.15
    Jenn said:

    I absolutely love the color Trap and am so bummed I missed out on ordering these! So glad to hear you liked them!

  32. 7.16.15

    Like I said in your social media post (Instagram? I don’t remember). I NEED these. Like, I need all of them. I’ve been hearing a lot about Colour Pop lately. I think I need to jump on that wagon. Those lippies look amazing.

    • 7.20.15

      lol they restock in august 🙂 You should jump on the bandwagon!!!

  33. 7.16.15
    Emily said:

    I absolutely love matte lips, so I would really love to get my hands on these! It’s such a shame that ColorPop don’t ship to the UK yet – hopefully they will soon! I love all the shades you’ve picked up, but my favourites would be 1st base & trap. Lovely post! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    • 7.20.15

      I’m sure they’re working on shipment to the UK. 1st base is pretty & so is trap. Creeper is by far my favorite. Can’t wait to showcase it this week on IG.

  34. 7.17.15
    chall1018 said:

    I am going to have to get that bumble color! Love it. I can’t do brights, so a good neutral/nude/plumish it is.

  35. 7.18.15

    Love them!!! I haven’t got any of these yet just the turn tube lippies and eye shadows – which I loooove! Added these to my list of wants

  36. 7.22.15
    delanie said:

    Love this review. I have heard about these recently and was wondering if they were really worth the hype. Like you, since I hadn’t heard of them I have been skeptical. Can’t wait to get my hands on some now!

  37. 8.2.15
    corinth said:

    I just recently purchased 3 from the Ultra Latte Lips line and I am so excited to try them on! When they launched them the first time, I was at work and IT WAS TOO LATE when I got home because everything was sold out! I guess every lady bought all 25 of them from the get go. HAHA.