Coolsculpting Update – 1 Month

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I can’t believe it’s been a month since I got Coolsculpting treatment at Aneu Med Spa. You can read all about my Coolsculpting here. Since it’s been a month of my Coolsculpting treatment, I can really say that I have noticed a huge difference. I know that the top of my belly is a bit smaller compared to my bottom area of my belly. Coolsculpting treatment can take anywhere between 1-6 months to see results.

Coolsculpting 1 Month Update

I know that for sure it takes 3 months to fully see results. I have taken these photos to show you guys what my belly looks like after 1 month of treatment. I am also using this body foam that is going to help tighten the skin more. But starting on Monday, I plan to get back on the fitness train because I don’t want this treatment that I got to be a waste. I have made smarter decisions when it comes to how much I eat throughout the day, how much fat I consume (meaning fried food), and of course, moving around even if it means moving my body around.

Some things I noticed after treatment, my belly was numb for a few days and it still is a tiny bit but not as the first time. I was so itchy and wanted to scratch my belly off but that was just fat cells dying off. I still get itchy from time to time. The fat that was treated felt like a scab I wanted to rip off, at least that’s what it felt like for me. I wanted it to go away. I did wear high-waisted leggings at all times to help control the fat from moving around. I will be doing another update next month to show you what my belly looks like.

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