Cover FX Power Play Foundation Review

Cover FX Power Play Foundation

Cover FX recently launched a new foundation called “Power Play”. Thankfully I was sent a few shades by Cover FX to test out and I was pretty excited to try them out. I’ve never used any Cover FX foundations. When I saw that these were a matte foundation I was even more excited to put it to the test.

Cover FX Power Play Foundation

Cover FX Power Play foundation is a modern matte foundation. It gives you a full coverage look with a weightless feel and it provides sweatproof all-day wear, powerful shine control, and environmental protection. Cover FX Shade System is based on undertone for a truly perfect match.

The new foundation comes in 40 different shades ranging from light to deep. On top of that, you’re able to find a foundation based on your undertones. 

  • P = Pink – A rosy, cooler hue to the skin
  • N = Neutral – Equal parts of pink and golden to the skin
  • G = Golden – A yellow, warmer hue to the skin
  • G+ = shades in the Golden range are even warmer and more olive than the G shades

Because I have a warmer and more olive complexion, I was sent a variety of G shades, G50, G60, G60+, G70, and G80. Since I am pretty tan from my vacation last month, I am currently using the G70. This actually matches the BEST. I have a feeling I’ll be using G80 this summer if I get a bit darker. 

Cover FX Power Play Foundation

Cover FX Power Play Foundation

Cover FX Power Play Foundation

First off, can we talk about the packaging? Personally some people would hate this but to be honest, I love it. You do have to squeeze the tube to get the product out but I love that you’re able to place it upside down so all the product can go to the bottom when you’re getting low. 

What’s the foundation price? $44.

This foundation is QUITE PRICEY but as a high-end foundation, I definitely recommend it if you’re someone who has combination or oily skin. I have been trying this foundation out for over a month now and let tell you, I am loving this foundation. It’s lightweight and it’s buildable. You don’t get a full coverage right away but you can build it up to get that full coverage.

I’ve worn the foundation for more than 8 hours and I was surprised by how long it lasted, how the foundation didn’t break apart and I wasn’t oily at all. When applying the foundation it doesn’t dry out as fast as other matte foundation I’ve used. Works well with a beauty blender. Another plus to this foundation is that it doesn’t oxidize and will remain the same color you’ve applied throughout the day. I can see myself wearing this foundation throughout the summer. 

I highly recommend giving this foundation a try. I don’t know if I would recommend it to those who have dry skin. 

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