Spring Self-Care with Dove Shower Foam

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Spring Self-Care with Dove Shower Foam

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Springtime is the busiest for me because my boys have baseball, wedding season begins which means I am working long hours on weekends, I have to make time to ensure I am getting this done for my blog and also still plan my wedding. Let’s not forget about the house chores. Sometimes I forget that I need to take things slow and just make time for myself. Things can get hectic so fast and I just end up being tired, run down, stressed and I just end up being in a crappy mood.

I think the one thing I always look forward to after a crazy day is taking a long shower. I love taking long showers because it’s a great way to unwind right before bed and you get a few minutes to yourself.

Spring Self-Care with Dove Shower Foam

Spring Self-Care with Dove Shower Foam

Spring Self-Care with Dove Shower Foam

Spring Self-Care with Dove Shower Foam

I went to Walmart a couple of weeks ago because I love shopping there since they have low prices on items I need and noticed this NEW Dove Shower Foam Relaxing Lavender. You guys know I love anything with lavender because lavender is a great flower to help you relax and unwind. Plus I love the smell of lavender.

What I love the most about it is the easy to use pump. I can easily pump the foam into my loofa so I don’t have to worry about the bottle slipping out of my hand. Which I have done PLENTY of times. It’s definitely different compared to their other products since the product is a foam. Dove shower foam nourishes deep into the surface layers of your skin to leave you with softer, smoother skin after every wash. It instantly rinses off while leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and no residue left behind.

Since my fiance loved using my Dove Shower Foam Relaxing Lavender, I decided to get him his own Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash. It hydrates the skin since it features Nutrium Moisture™ technology, leaving the skin cool and comfortably clean. It also instantly rinses off from the skin.

You can get your own bottle of Dove Shower Foam Relaxing Lavender and/or Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash at Walmart. You can save $1 on any Dove Women’s products and save $1.50 on Dove Men+Care.

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  1. 5.13.19
    Lina Melo said:

    I love “ME TIME”, it makes a huge difference to my life. Also, taking care of myself is super important. I’ll get this product for sure!

  2. 5.13.19

    We love dove products in our house. They smell great, make a smooth, rich foam and leave our skin feeling cared for.

  3. 5.13.19
    Annaliese said:

    I’ve tried that shower foam before and it’s great! You’re reminding me that I need more. 🙂

    xoxo A

  4. 5.13.19
    Katie said:

    Self Care is so important! Thank you for highlighting this with this post! I always like to take time for some self care each day!

  5. 5.13.19
    Linh said:

    Dove is such a staple in my house. I will have to get the mens care for my hubby.

  6. 5.13.19
    S said:

    I love this stuff and so does my boyfriend!! He only uses the Dove men’s care!

    xoxo Sarah

  7. 5.13.19

    We are a big Dove family. Can never go wrong with it.

  8. 5.13.19
    Claire said:

    i love dove products ! i’m never disappointed by them !


  9. 5.13.19
    Rachel said:

    Dove has the best body washes! I haven’t tried the foaming one yet, but I will definitely be picking it up next time I’m at the store!


  10. 5.13.19

    I’m literally so upset that I can’t use Dove body stuff! Haha I’m now allergic to something in it, but it was always my favorite to use when I was younger!! Always made my skin so soft!

    The Classic Brunette

  11. 5.13.19
    Stephanie said:

    I’ve yet to try Dove shower foam but this sounds amazing. I love all their other products so I can only imagine how much I’d love this one!

  12. 5.13.19
    Laura S said:

    Dove is so innovative. They always have the best scents and their products are so amazing for the entire family!

  13. 5.13.19
    Carolyn said:

    Dove has great products! That relaxing lavender one sounds especially good. Must try that one!

  14. 5.13.19
    Helen said:

    I love Dove products so much! I actually haven’t tried the foam so I definitely need to check this out.

  15. 5.13.19
    Ada said:

    Dove products are some of my favorites. Love their body washes.

  16. 5.13.19

    What I love about Dove is that its a reliable brand. You can always expect the best from them. I use that shower foam and I loved it so much that I bought one for my husband as well.

    Candace Hampton

  17. 5.13.19
    Lily said:

    I LOVE Dove products but I have yet to try their foaming body washes! Need to give them a try.

  18. 5.14.19
    Kileen said:

    I love Dove Products and YES to self care!! Their body wash is the best!

    cute & little

  19. 5.14.19

    “The bottle slipping out of my hands” part – too real!! I love the fact that this is a foam. I recently tried out a foam shampoo.. might as well go for the foam body wash too! Lavender is also my favourite scent! I can’t wait until these hit Malaysian shores.

  20. 5.14.19

    my mother-in-law has the dove shower foam and whenever i take a shower there with it, it feels so luxe lol the lavendar sounds amazing!

  21. 5.14.19

    I love this shower foam!!! So fun!

  22. 5.14.19
    Deborah said:

    Dove is one of my go-to brands when it comes to personal grooming! I’ll have to try out their shower foam!

  23. 5.14.19
    Alix Maza said:

    LOVE Dove products! I always use their body washes, I’ll try this one next.

  24. 5.14.19
    Madison said:

    This shower foam is the best!

    Madison | Madison-fichtl.com

  25. 5.14.19
    Marisa said:

    Dove is always on my must have list, I really love the way it makes my skin feel, I have not tried this one yet!!! But I definitely will!

  26. 5.14.19
    Greta said:

    I use Dove body wash already but love that these have a pump! So convenient for the shower!

  27. 5.15.19
    Tonya Morris said:

    Dove products are my favorite! I need to try this one!

  28. 5.15.19

    I haven’t used Dove in years but these products sound super cool! Hugs, Kait

  29. 5.16.19
    Suzanne said:

    Me and my husband love Dove products as well! Always have the body wash.

  30. 5.17.19
    Ruthie Ridley said:

    Our FAVORITE body wash at home!!

  31. 5.19.19
    Alyssa said:

    I love extra foamy washes! I also love that this comes in a men’s version!

  32. 5.19.19
    Amanda said:

    Dove makes so many great body products– I need to try this!!

  33. 5.20.19
    Kelsey said:

    Dove is my absolute favorite! I’ve been using their body washes for ywars!!

  34. 5.20.19
    Kristina said:

    I’ve been using Dove products for years, I’ll have to try out this foam!!

  35. 5.21.19
    Laura said:

    I am a huge fan of Dove products! I haven’t tried the foam before but I’m definitely going to have to!

    xo, Laura

  36. 5.23.19
    Celeste said:

    Looks like I need to try it! So fresh and foamy!