e.l.f Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

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e.l.f Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

I have been testing out the e.l.f Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation for the past few weeks. I bought this foundation because I kept seeing people rave about this foundation. Of course, I had to try this one out for myself. I love drugstore beauty, especially the foundation. It’s a great way to find dupes for high-end foundations. I have never tried any of the e.l.f Cosmetics foundations.

e.l.f Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

e.l.f Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

e.l.f Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

Let’s talk about the product. According to e.l.f Cosmetics, this is an oil-free, lightweight with a semi-matte finish foundation. It’s supposed to restore uneven skin textures and tones for visibly brighter skin. This foundation comes in 40 different shades ranging from fair, light, medium, tan, deep and rich. They also have 4 undertones cool, neutral, and warm.

  • 6 Fair Foundations
  • 7 Light Foundations
  • 7 Medium Foundations
  • 6 Tan Foundations
  • 7 Deep Foundations
  • 7 Rich Foundations

Thoughts on this foundation? This foundation was a MISS for me. I didn’t like it even after using it with different primers. Don’t get me wrong the price for this foundation is amazing ($6) but the foundation didn’t blend well on my skin, I tried with a brush and beauty blender. It also had a scent to it that was hard for me to handle because of allergies. I personally wouldn’t recommend this foundation at all. It doesn’t last long and applies patchy. Super light coverage and not buildable.

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  1. 2.13.20
    Amanda said:

    I’m a big fan of this foundation! I like that it is not too matte or too dewy so that the skin looks fresh and healthy. My main gripe is the pump. I almost always buy a bottle where the pump refuses to properly dispense. Sorry to hear it did not work out for you! I suggest trying their Acne Fighting Foundation. It looks beautiful and is long-wearing, acne or no acne.

    • 2.18.20

      I’ll have to try the other foundation and see how I like it. 🙂

  2. 2.16.20

    I’ve never tried this foundation….I’m always scared to try new ones cuz i don’t want to waste my money ….For the last year or so I’ve been using the maybelline FIT me foundation and love that one ……but I also want to try the dior foundations …..just cant bring myself to splurge on it

    • 2.18.20

      If you have Ulta Beauty Rewards, you can actually return it. Which I plan to do. Because I didn’t like it. The Maybelline Fit Me is by far my holy grail.

  3. 2.26.20
    Emily said:

    I thought I was the only one who didn’t like this foundation! I had really high hopes for it but I didn’t like how it blended out and I felt like it looked like I had thick makeup on my skin.

    • 2.27.20

      Glad I’m not the only one. So many people raved about it and I just couldn’t like it. It definitely felt thick and patchy for me.