Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

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Who here is a girl boss? I am raising my hand. I’ve been running my own business since 2015 and I love it. I love that I have my schedule, work at my own pace and I am not bossed around by someone else. Because I’ve been running my own business I think it would be perfect to share my favorite essentials that I love having as a girl boss.

Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

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Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

Working from home I like to make sure I have a great skincare routine. I’ve mentioned this before and I have added the IMAGE Skincare reVITALize Holiday Collection. The reVITALize Holiday Collection contains VITAL C hydrating facial cleanser, VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum, and VITAL C hydrating eye recovery gel.

The Vital C hydrating facial cleanser is so good on the skin. It’s not dry at all which I love. It’s a creamy texture cleanser that helps remove makeup and gently removes impurities while it nourishes your skin. It contains essential antioxidants and vitamins. The high levels of antioxidants from vitamin c helps brighten your skin.

The Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum is a comforting serum. It works with all skin types to soften the appearance of wrinkles, support collagen, and protect skin against oxidative damage. It’s going to help the skin fight the visible signs of stress and fatigue that commonly appear in aging skin.

Lastly, the Vital C hydrating eye recovery gel. We all know I suck at sleeping and this definitely helps my under eyes when I don’t get enough sleep at night. It’s a cooling gel formula that helps soothes the delicate eye area and improves the signs of aging with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, wrinkle-altering peptides, and nourishing antioxidants. This hydrating eye recovery gel contains a “collagen recovery complex” to help firm the skin, improve elasticity and diminish dark circles and puffiness. [Get 10% OFF off your first order when you sign up to their newsletter.]

Another great thing every girl boss needs is a softolio. I love mine from Levenger. It’s a quilted black softolio that contains notepad and notebook. This is a classic for Levenger. It’s a business portfolio of understated elegance and superior durability. It has a supple quilted cover that folds back for easy writing. It’s crafted with rich expensive full-grain leather and it includes both a Freeleaf® Annotation Ruled Notepad, Circa® Annotation Notebook, and can accommodate discs of up to 1″. It’s perfect to carry in your purse because the Levenger contains pockets for business cards, note cards, and loose paper. The closure has a secure magnetic.

Along with it, I love their True Writer® Classic Pearl Rollerball Pen. The pen I have is a Pearl edition and it features shades of swirled pearl with gold-plated trim. I love it because it’s so pretty. It’s medium weight and diameter that makes writing super easy. If you do run out of ink, you can replace it with a Pilot G2 Refills. [Take 25%OFF using code: PROSTYLE 11/1/19-12/15/19]

Lastly, my two favorite things to do are read and drink wine. Normally I’m not a red wine drinker but this one wasn’t so bad. This red wine is from Gift Tree. It’s Lush California red blend with aromas of black cherry and vanilla. See why I like it. You can also get your own complimentary personalization on the bottle. This wine bottle definitely makes the perfect for someone this holiday season.

Lately, I’ve been reading “Is your Digital Front Door Unlocked?” by McAfee’s Cybersecurity Evangelist Gary Davis. This book is for anyone aspiring to live online with an eye towards doing so safely and privately as possible for them and their families. Privacy is important to me especially with having little ones. There are so many data breaches, companies sharing our personal information without our knowledge or consent and cybercrime robbing the global economy of an estimated $600 billion dollars a year!! CRAZY! And at times when things like this happen, we do feel helpless. There are things we can do and by reading this book it definitely helps.

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  1. I will have to put this book on my list to read. Thanks for the share!

    Posted 11.13.19 Reply
  2. Nataly wrote:

    This skincare brand sounds fabulous! I would love to give it a try.

    Posted 11.14.19 Reply
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    Oooh I gotta get my hands on that pen (mine are always running out of ink), some wine, and that book! These goodies sound spectacular for any Girl Boss!

    Posted 11.14.19 Reply
  4. Erin wrote:

    I love a good pen’ need to check out your recommendation!

    Posted 11.14.19 Reply
  5. GiftTree wrote:

    Glad we could sway you to the red side 🙂

    Posted 11.15.19 Reply
  6. Will have to check out the things you suggested. I need a good pen in my life! Thanks for sharing these essentials.

    Posted 11.17.19 Reply
  7. I agree with this list completely!

    Posted 11.19.19 Reply
  8. This eye recovery gel sounds amazing! I mean all the line seems great too! Definitely a girl boss essentails

    Posted 11.22.19 Reply