Fall Favorites Tag + Bucket List

Fall Favorites Tag + Bucket List

Fall Favorites Tag + Bucket List

Every year Brian and I ask the boys what they want to do for fall. This becomes our fall bucket list and we try to tackle everything on the list. This week I am sharing with you my Fall Favorites Tag and our family Fall Bucket List. This is in collaboration with Alexis, Kelsie, Ashleigh, and Steffanie. Last week we shared our Fall Fashion Staples. So be sure to check out those posts. 

Fall Favorites Tag

Favorite Fall Candles – This year it’s been the Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles. Thanks to Kelsie for convincing me that they’re so good and worth the purchase, that we ended up stocking up on some of their fall scented candles. Which are: Leaves, Autumn, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie, and Sweater Weather.

Favorite Fall Lip Colors – Anything dark for sure! I just love the bold colors. But I do love my nude colors. I have been loving the metallic lips as well. 

Favorite Fall Blush – I tend to stay in the neutral shades. So anything that is nudes. 

Favorite Fall Drink – This is a hard one because I’ve never had any fall drinks. I still haven’t tried Apple Cider. So I guess this year I’m hoping to try out some fall drinks.  

Fall Favorites Tag + Bucket List

Favorite Fall Clothing – Umm… Leggings, cardigans, and knit sweaters. 

Favorite Fall Movie – Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Stepmom, Autumn in the Vineyard (Hallmark Movie), The Others, Harry Potter Movies, The Corpse Bride, It’s The Great Pumpkin – Charlie Brown, Halloweentown (all of them), Casper, The Addams Family, and anything on Hallmark Channel. 

Favorite Fall TV Shows – Gotham, Riverdale, The Originals, and The Middle. 

Favorite Thanksgiving Food – Baked Mac’n Cheese! It’s a must when we get together. 

Favorite Halloween Costume – I don’t dress up for Halloween but this year my youngest son and I will be Jack Skellington & Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Fall Favorites Tag + Bucket List

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Fall Favorites Tag + Bucket List



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