Fall Home Decor Under $50

Fall Home Decor

Our new apartment is slowly starting to feel homey especially with the fall decor. Now that we have a bigger place compared to our old one, I feel like I need to do a little shopping for more fall decor. Sorry, babe! I am a sucker for shopping at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Gordman’s and any place that has fall decor. I recently went to At Home and oh my gosh that place is like heaven for home decor lovers.

Fall Home Decor

Personally, for me, I do love to also go shopping online like Amazon because usually online stuff isn’t available in stores or some stores don’t have what I’m looking for. With our new place being bigger we want to find more stuff to add above our kitchen cabinets cause we have lots of cabinets and they don’t touch the ceiling. Thanks to our 13-foot ceilings. Because Halloween is my favorite holiday most of our decorations are Halloween stuff.

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Fall Home Decor

Fall Home Decor

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Fall Home Decor

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Besides the decor being an important factor in making our home feel like home especially in the fall, so are candles. We are suckers for candles. Lately, I’ve been wanting to branch outside of the normal Bath & Body Works candles.

I’ve recently come across Peau Veloutée. Their candles are made from premium soy. I’ve recently heard that soy candles are better than the normal candles you get from Bath & Body Works. Peau Veloutée doesn’t use any toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and any other items that are not good for you or your family. They are cruelty-free, vegan/vegetarian-friendly, high quality and fair trade.

I got 2 of their NEW Fall scents “Eve’s Apple” and “Drunkin Pumpkin“. Let me tell you, these candles smell SO GOOD! I’d say they have the exact same quality of candles as Bath & Body Works. Candles prices are $15 for 4oz and $25 for 8oz and have a “life” span of 60 hours. We love having this lit in the living room and our kitchen island because it makes the house smell so good. Besides candles, they also have a few skincare products you should definitely check out.

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