My Favorite Sigma Beauty Brushes

My Favorite Sigma Beauty BrushesLast weekend I took a poll on my Instagram account asking my followers if they wanted to see a post on my favorite Sigma Beauty brushes. I was surprised to see that, a lot of my followers said yes. I love Sigma Beauty and as a makeup artist, I have to use really good brushes when working. I’ve been using Sigma Beauty brushes for almost 1.5 years. I have never had any issues with their brushes. I really love the quality of their brushes.

I’ve tested out and used so many different brands of makeup brushes but none stand up to the Sigma Beauty. And I’m not saying this because I am one of their affiliate members but because a few of the brushes I’ve used from other brands, the hairs have shed and I can’t stand that. Especially when I’m working on a client. Which brings me to this post today.

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My Favorite Sigma Beauty Brushes

My Favorite Sigma Beauty Brushes

Face Brushes

F80 (Flat Kabuki) – Normally I like to apply my foundation with beauty blenders, but when applying foundation on my clients I definitely like to use the F80 brush. It blends the foundation so seamlessly. This brush is dense but soft at the same time.

F03 (High Cheekbone Highlighter) – If you want a brush to apply your highlighter on your cheekbones this brush is seriously the best for it. Not only can you use this with powder highlighters but also cream. The brush is fluffy but firm so it’ll blend out your highlighter perfectly.

F42 (Strobing Fan) – If you prefer fan brushes to apply your highlighter, this fan brush is great for that. It’s short, soft, and dense. So it’ll blend and diffuse your powder and cream products on your cheeks, nose, and center of your forehead if you like to apply highlight there.

F61 (Angled Cream Contour) – Okay this one is a MUST. HOLY GRAIL BRUSH when it comes to applying my cream contour. I don’t use any other brush when applying my cream contour. It’s perfect for your nose.

P80 (Precision Flat) – This brush reminds me of a mini version of the F80 brush. Great for blending out your concealer.

My Favorite Sigma Beauty Brushes

Eye Brushes

E45 (Small Tapered Blending) – You know when you’re doing a cut crease or when you’re just applying a certain eyeshadow color, this brush will be your best friend for that. It will help with adding depth to your look by having control of the eyeshadow color.

E54 (Medium Sweeper) – This brush is great for applying eyeshadow on a certain part of your eyelid. Ex: Shimmery eyeshadow.

B12 (Bent Liner) – Never used a bent liner before until I got this from Sigma Beauty. After a few times of use, it wasn’t that bad. You do have full control of the eyeliner.

E06 (Winged Liner) – MUST GET! If you want a brush for when you do a fierce liner, this is the brush. I don’t use no another brush when it comes to doing a wing liner.



E35 (Tapered Blending) – Great for softening harsh lines or for even blending colors together. It’s soft and fluffy.

E30 (Pencil) – Brush has a tapered tip so it’s great for smudging eyeshadow on your bottom lid or on your lash line.

E43 (Domed Blending) – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

E39 (Buff and Blend) – If you’re someone who likes to pack on your eyeshadow when creating looks, you can use this brush for packing your eyeshadow color, then buffing and blending.

E41 (Duo Fiber Blend) – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

E04 (Lash Fan) – I never knew why people used this brush but then I tested it out and decided to use it in another form besides fanning your lashes. This brush is also fun to use when creating a cut crease.

My Favorite Sigma Beauty Brushes

Lip Brushes

L06 (Precise Lip Line) – Use this lip brush with some concealer and you can clean up your lines when you apply lipstick. My favorite brush to use on clients.

L04 (Detailed Lip) – Although this is a lip brush for cleaning your lip edges I do like to use this to apply the lip product onto the lip. But you can use this also for your eyes to apply eyeshadow on your inner corners. It’s a versatile brush.

sigma beauty

I do plan on ordering more brushes this month especially face ones to test them out. And once I’ve tested them out I will definitely update you guys on what’s worth buying. But for now, you can add these to your Christmas Wish List and save 10% by using discount code: JASMINEMARIA10

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