Fresh Beauty Rose Toner and Rose Face Cream

Fresh Beauty Rose Toner and Face Cream

Last month I received the Fresh Beauty Rose Toner and Rose Face Cream. Which did come at a perfect time because my skin was very dry when I got back from vacation from being sunburned last month. I can’t express this enough but hydrating my skin is a must for me. I can’t stand when my skin feels like leather and itchy. Hydration is the key to your daily skincare routine. Doesn’t matter what skin type you have. It is the secret of having healthy glowing skin and reducing the risk of developing visible fine lines and wrinkles.

I have used a few Fresh Beauty products like their lip balms with SPF, I even packed those in my suitcase for my vacation. Definitely must-have if you haven’t tried them out.

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Fresh Beauty Rose Toner and Face Cream

Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Toner

If you’re wondering what’s inside the bottle, those are REAL rose petals. This an alcohol-free cleansing toner and it’s infused with rose petals. It softens your skin and refines the appearances of your pores. It cleanses the skin, helping to clear it of surface debris, pollution particles, and residual impurities while leaving it feeling refreshed and prepped to receive the full benefits of the skincare ritual to follow.

Fresh Beauty Rose Toner & Rose Cream

Fresh Beauty Rose Toner & Rose Cream

Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

The face cream is a light-weight formula and it gives your skin 24-hour hydration. It uses time-release technology to encourage ideal hydration levels by attracting and sealing in moisture throughout the day. I personally love using this at night.

Overall opinion on both items? I can see myself using the Rose Toner and Rose Cream. I love how both products feel on my skin. I also have a smaller version of the Rose Cream in my freelance kit for my clients. When I use it they always ask me what product it is because they want to get it. Definitely, suggest it if you’re someone with dry skin.

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