Gift Guide For Teenage Boys

Gift Guide For Teenage Boys

Gift Guide For Teenage Boys

Are you not sure what to get a teenage boy for Christmas (or the holidays)? I got you. I have a soon-to-be teenage boy (in January) and let me tell you shopping for him can be challenging. His taste in things is changing and as his mom sometimes I feel like I never know what to get him. I have put together a list of things that I know your teenage son, nephew, or whatever the case may be, may like. I have a variety of price ranges for you!

Gift Guide For Teenage Boys

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SKINCARE PRODUCTS – Teenagers’ bodies are changing a lot and I recently got my son started on a skincare regimen and these are few great products that will be good to start them off with. Because teenagers’ skin is very sensitive I highly recommend starting them off with something gentle first. You can make a cute gift basket and include the following items.

Facial Cleanser // Toner // Spot Treatment // Moisturizer

AIRPODS – This is a given. I feel like every kid wants some AirPods for the holidays. At least mine does. But if you’re looking for something more affordable these are a great option.

VANS – These are another great option for teenage boys. It comes in a variety of styles + colors.

JOGGERS – I feel like teenage boys prefer joggers over jeans especially during the school year.

HATS – Alright so my son loves to wear hats. Getting them their favorite sports team hat or just a hat you think they might like would be a good option for a gift.

WALLET – Piggybacking the hat, same thing wallets are a necessity for teenage boys especially if they carry cash or have debit cards. Plus their school ID or driver’s license.

BACKPACK – Some kids love getting backpacks for either school or when they travel.

SLIPPERS – Slippers are always a cozy option for home. I mean who doesn’t love to get slippers.

HOODIES – If he loves to wear hoodies, this is a good idea for teens.

WATER BOTTLE – Having a water bottle at school is a necessity right now since bubblers aren’t open for kids to use. My son loves this water bottle a lot.

PHONE CASE + POPSOCKET – We all know teens have phones, why not get them a phone case + popsocket for them.

Apple Watch – This is something my oldest is requesting for Christmas. I think the series 3 is a good option vs getting them the newer models.

GIFT CARDS – If you still don’t think these ideas are good for that teenage boy, gift cards are always a good option. Especially for Amazon, Best Buy, Game Stop, Target, or Walmart.

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