Hair Loss Journey with KeepItAnchored

Hair Journey with Keep It Anchored

Thanks to Keep It Anchored for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and thoughts presented are entirely my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Jasmine Maria Blog! 

About a month ago I decided to try out the KeepItAnchored 3-Step Color Care Kit for Women. I was excited to try it out because I needed help with my hair shedding. Let’s be honest here ladies, we do not like seeing our hair fall out of our heads. I know hair shedding is normal but the amount of shedding we do have each day is too much. I’m sure my husband appreciates it if he didn’t find my hair everywhere.

Hair Journey with Keep It Anchored

Hair Journey with Keep It Anchored

Hair Journey with Keep It Anchored

Hair Loss Journey with KeepItAnchored

A few years ago (around the time I got pregnant) it was confirmed that I have chronic anemia. Basically, low iron deficiency. I really didn’t know too much about the risks of having chronic anemia besides that you are low on iron. But when I looked into it more, I realized that hair shedding is a common symptom of anemia. 

It truly put a damper on me because I hated how much hair I was losing even though I was on a routine to get my iron back to a good level.

Although hair loss is something I’ve struggled with for years, I’ve gotten so used to it. I just made sure I took my iron vitamins + biotin. Up until I came across KeepItAnchored. I read more into the brand and I decided to try them out. I got their 3 Step Color Care Kit for Women which includes their shampoo, conditioner, and hair essence. These hair products reduce daily hair loss and it’s clinically proven. 

The HairAnchor Blend helps by calming your scalp’s oxidative stress. On top of that, it helps protect your colored hair since the system gives a double-defense against hair loss. Reducing loss from the roots due to your scalp being stressed and helps with hair loss from strand breakage.

Since I’ve been using the 3 Step Color Care Kit for a month, I have to admit I have noticed a difference. When I wash or brush my hair, I don’t see so much hair shedding. It’s so much less than before. 

Let’s talk about the products and what it does!

SHAMPOO: Nourishes the scalp and hair roots. It contains a HairAnchor blend of antioxidants, minerals, and B-Vitamins. 

CONDITIONER: It strengthens each fiber against hair loss due to breakage. It’s a lightweight formula that hydrates hair to leave it soft. Also contains a blend of antioxidants zinc and B-Vitamins. 

ESSENCE: This is basically a scalp serum. It’s a daily leave-in treatment that strengthens hair at the root to reduce daily hair loss. It’s their most concentrated dose of HairAnchor antioxidants, zinc minerals, and B-Vitamins which is clinically proven to replenish the scalp.

Overall I do recommend this if you are looking to eliminate your hair shedding. I find this to be a great kit to add to my hair routine. You can use code: JASMINExKIA for 20% off ( valid through January 8, 2022).

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  1. barbara j shubeck wrote:

    I exhausted trying to find both this shampoo and conditioner. Every place is sold out.

    Do you have any suggestions of who might have this for

    B Shubeck

    Posted 1.28.23 Reply
    • I would be patient and sign up for the email notification when they stock up. 🙂

      Posted 2.3.23 Reply