Hair Products Currently Using and Loving

Hair Products Currently Using and Loving

Hair Products Currently Using and Loving

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my haircare routine. I swear I’m constantly changing up my products because my hair tends to get either super dry or I end up getting dandruff. Which is normal for me when the weather is changing. And remember when I did the pink ombre to my hair, yeah that completely RUINED my hair. My hair broke, got dry and I ended up chopping my hair. Since cutting my hair I’ve been trying to stay consistent with the hair products I use to make sure I don’t end up having the same issue before. 

Hair Products Currently Using and Loving

Hair Products Currently Using and Loving

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For the past few months, I have been sticking with these products you see above. These products have worked amazingly with my hair and my hair looks a lot healthier because of it. What are these products? Continue reading to find out. 

Biotera Brilliance Shampoo + Conditioner 

I received the shampoo + conditioner a few weeks probably in August or September I can’t remember. But ever since using the products, my hair feels so soft and looks shinier. The reason is that Biotera Brilliance is infused with sugar cane extract and botanicals. It doesn’t contain any paraben and silicone. It restores dull hair as well. 

Biotera Brilliance Glaze 

Normally I don’t put any types of oils, serums or glaze once I blow-dry and straighten my hair because I’ve hated how that made my hair feel. But with the Brilliance Glaze, you put this on your hair when it’s damp and then you blow-dry your hair. Once you straighten it with the flat iron, it gives your hair shine and makes it feel soft. Doesn’t weigh down your hair at all. It’s meant to hydrate and smooth your hair. 

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Its A 10 Miracle Mask 

I use this mask once or twice a month. To ensure my hair gets a good deep conditioning. I freaking love this mask. It smells so good and my hair is super soft and bouncy after I wash and style. If you’re someone with dry hair, I suggest giving this a try. 

Its A 10 Miracle Styling 

Another great styling product I like to use when my hair is damp. It ensures that I don’t have any flyaways or static on my hair, especially after using the flat iron. 

Its A 10 Miracle Finishing Spray  

This is by far the best hairspray I’ve used in a long time. Whenever I curl my hair I use this hairspray and my curls stay in place throughout the day (even on a hot summer day). It smells so good too. The spray isn’t so hard on your hair which is awesome because I hate hairspray that makes your hair feel stiff. 

ION Dry Shampoo

I use to Batiste and Dove Dry Shampoo but those left a white cast which sucks when you’re a brunette. So I wanted to try out Ion’s Dry Shampoo because I do use their color products when I color my hair. I was surprised when I didn’t have a white cast, didn’t make hair feel sticky, stiff or weird, unlike the other brands I’ve tried. I probably use this after day 3 or 4 of non-washed hair. 

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Another thing I like to do, to ensure my hair doesn’t dry out is wash my hair every 3 to 4 days. Avoid using the flat iron or curling iron when I don’t need to. Getting haircuts and never going to bed with my hair wet. I do tend to let my hair airdry as much as I can if I know I’m going to flat iron it. 

What products are you currently using right now?

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