Healthy Hair During the Winter Months

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When it comes to my hair I’m extremely picky as far as what products I use. I’ve tried so many products in my life and a few have worked and others didn’t. The products that have worked for me I have noticed are natural products that are sulfate free. This is where Everyone™ products come into place. I have been testing out the Everyone™ Nourish Shampoo + Conditioner for a while now and here’s my opinion on these products.

Healthy Hair During the Winter Months

Healthy Hair During the Winter Months

Healthy During Winter Months

During the winter months, my hair gets extremely dry. Probably because of the cold weather we get in Wisconsin. And when my hair is dry I’ve noticed that my hair produces a lot more oils which means I’m washing my hair a lot more than I normally do. So in order to help my hair during the winter months, I have been using the Everyone™ shampoo + conditioner. It also helps my hair stay healthy, hydrated and nourished.

I depend on the Everyone™ Nourish Shampoo + Conditioner during these months. It’s made with pure lemon essential oils blended with coconut extracts. But on top of the essential oils blends, it also contains quinoa protein helps to nourish and strengthen hair. The Nourish Shampoo + Conditioner also adds hydration to your hair. 

I’ve noticed that since using these products, my hair doesn’t need so much washing. I love using Everyone™ products because it’s plant-based and made with 100% pure essential oils leaving my hair looking and feeling good.

If you’re someone like me who struggles with dry hair during cold months I highly recommend using these products. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The good thing about these products it’s that you can easily purchase these at your local Walmart stores. Talk about major savings. 

Have you tried or heard of Everyone™ products? 

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