How I Like to Spend My Weekends

How I Like to Spend My Weekends

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On my off weekends where I don’t have to worry about taking care of the boys because they’re with their dad or I don’t have any makeup appointments. I do like to take that time for myself. Especially now that the colder weather is in full gear. It makes me want to stay home and just relax. Spending that time for yourself is not only a great way to unwind but to also make sure you’re doing something for yourself. 

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How I Like to Spend My Weekends

I’m pretty low key when it comes to how I like to spend my weekends, there are only 4 things I love to have on my off weekends. 

Coffee – First things off after waking up I have to have my cup coffee. Without my coffee, I can’t function. Plus it warms up my soul when I take that first sip.

Good Book – I love reading a good mystery book. Right now I am currently reading “All the Missing Girls”. Before this book, I read “The Good Girl”. Which you should definitely add to your reading list if you haven’t yet read it. 

Comfy Clothes – I’m a huge fan of leggings but I do love a good pair of lounge joggers. To me, these are so loose fitting and they also feel like pajamas. 

Boot Slippers – If you’re like me, my hands and feet are always cold during the fall/winter months. Even when I’m wearing socks. So I like to wear boot slippers. This ensures my feet stay warm while I wear them on my bed or on the couch. 

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Now tell me, how do you like to spend your weekend?

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