HOW TO: Color Correct

HOW TO: Color Correct

This week on the HOW TO SERIES Series we are talking about color correcting. Color Correcting is something that not many people know how to do. I will admit I was intimidated by the colors in the palette when I first saw Color Correcting palettes. If you’re not sure how to color correct before applying your foundation this post will definitely help you because I have a step by step of how I correct on my own skin and what each color of the shades are meant for and what shade you should use based on skin tone.

I will be honest I didn’t start color correcting until a few months ago when my makeup business started to get busy because I was requested by clients if I could hide their dark circles or redness + blemishes they had. As a makeup artist you should know how to do this, so I took my time and did my research, tested out the Color Correcting on myself and I immediately fell in love with Color Correcting.

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About Color Correcting:

HOW TO: Color Correct

How To Color Correct:

This is a tutorial on how I color correct on myself but it will give you an idea of where you need to apply the color concealers. I only use 4 of the color correcting concealers because I don’t need much when it comes to color correcting.

HOW TO: Color Correct

HOW TO: Color Correct

Here’s a photo of me bare face with just my brows & concealer on my eye lids and I did apply primer on my face.

HOW TO: Color Correct

First: I applied the orange concealer under my eyes to cover up my dark circles.

Second: Used the green concealer shade to cover up my redness around my nose area and a little friend on my forehead who decided to pop up on me earlier this week.

HOW TO: Color Correct

Third: I wanted to use the purple concealer so brighten up the high point of my cheeks. That’s the only time I use it on myself.

Fourth: Because I like to apply highlight or a bright eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eyes, I used the yellow concealer to cover up my discoloration. This ensures my inner corners are bright.

HOW TO: Color Correct

HOW TO: Color Correct

That’s all the color correcting I do on myself before I apply foundation and concealer. As you can see my face does look brighter especially under my eyes. With color correcting you want to make sure you test out all the different kinds out there because some may feel thick. The NYX Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer is a bit thick. But I will link a few others that are quite popular that you can try.

Drugstore Brands:

High-End Brands:

Have you tried color correcting?

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  1. It did help me…….. ThanQ soooo Much!!

    Posted 3.10.19 Reply
  2. Tanya wrote:

    Ive tried colour correcting but as soon as i apply my foundation it seems to disappear and doesnt do a thing.

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
    • You may be applying your foundation the wrong way. Cause I’ve done color correcting on clients and they have noticed a difference when it comes to their makeup.

      Posted 8.7.20 Reply