How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business

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How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business

As a blogger, I am always trying to find ways to stay organized. Let me tell you, I’ve used my Google Calendar, planner, and notebooks. To be honest there are times I completely forget about what’s due or needs to get completed because everything is scattered everywhere. When I am not organized, it stresses me out. To the point, I get anxious which isn’t good. I recently discovered Asana.

What is Asana?

Asana is the ultimate project management tool. It allows teams to share, plan, organize, and track the progress of the tasks that each member is working on. Right now since it’s just me, I currently don’t use it as “team” project at all. But if I ever plan to add an assistant or intern to help me run my blog I am able to share my projects with that person.

What are the benefits of Asana?

  • It’s FREE! (But there are other plan options depending on your team size)
  • The free plan allows you to have 15 team members.
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • It integrates with your Google account.

How I Use Asana to Stay Organized?

  1. Editorial Calendar – I am able to create an editorial calendar and color code it, based on what the content is about. Ex: Sponsored, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion and Wedding
  2. Blog Tasks – I can create my “to do” list with Asana and set due dates for it.
  3. 2018 Goals – I have 4 separate boards by quarters where I am able to add what my goals are for that quarter.
  4. Content Planning – Whenever a blog post idea comes I am able to add it to this list including what brands I want to contact for collaborations.

How to Use Asana:

How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business

Create a Workspace

When you first join Asana you are going to want to create a workspace. This is where you see “Jasmine Maria Blog“. Once you do you are going to want to create projects.

Create Projects

Creating a project keeps all your posts and blog content in one place. My projects include; editorial calendar, blog tasks, 2018 goals, and content planning.  Best part it can be color coded! If you collaborate with anyone such as a copywriter, designer or virtual assistant, you can add them to the project to keep them up to date with tasks. Another great benefit when you create a project, you can decide whether to set it up as a list or boards. They do have other templates but that’s more for the premium plan.


Creating tags gives you the option of color coding anything you add to your boards. For example Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Sponsored and Wedding.

Sub Tasks:

For each blog post, there is always a number of things you have to do from outlining the post, writing it, adding images and scheduling. You are able to add subtasks to each post, which can help you set due dates even to the subtasks. That way you’re not missing any steps for that post.

How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business

Conversations Tab:

Another thing you get with Asana in each project is that the conversation tab. Where you can have conversations with your team about that project or anything.

How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business

My Projects:

Let’s take a look into my projects that way you are able to see how I use it. Keep in mind this is just a mock. I will never show my real projects/editorial calendar.

Blog Tasks

This is where I have my to-do list. I am able to jot down what needs to get done. When you click on the task you are able to set a due date for that task. You also have a description section.

How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business

How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business

Editorial Calendar

This is just a mock editorial calendar I created for September. What I like to do for my editorial calendar is create boards and each board is separated by month. I am able to add what my post I want going live for that month, set due dates and color code it. I have the option to switch to calendar mode by selecting the calendar view so I can see what my editorial calendar will look like and if I need to switch posts around.

How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business


How to Use Asana to Organize Your Blog Business

Content Planning

Just like a notebook, you are able to jot down any ideas that pop into your head. For this section, I have separated by “Post Ideas” and “Brands to Contact”. Cause whenever I come up with an idea or see a brand I want to reach out, I like to add it to this section. And when you select that “task” you can add a description of how you want to write out the post, subtasks and a great way to keep track of contact information for that brand.

Payment Tracker 

This is where I can keep track of payments that are due to me. Once I sign the contract, I go ahead and enter the name of the collaboration, the campaign manager’s name, and that person’s email. Once I am given a pay date (net 30-90 days) I can mark on the list so I get a reminder of what payment is coming.

Other perks of Asana:

  • You can download the app to your phone. So you have access to it.
  • You can use it how you like it.
  • It links to your Google account.
  • Share it with your team.

If you don’t find Asana useful, Hey There Chelsie has a post on how she uses Trello for her blog organization. Even though I use Asana, I still like to use my planner as well. I’m weird lol.

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    This post was so incredibly helpful! I just set my Asana up and am feeling 10x more organized already! 🙂