Instagram Follow and Unfollow Method


Instagram Follow and Unfollow Method

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to write this post but I knew I had to share my thoughts on this topic. A few weeks ago I purchased the Instagram Decoded Guides from InstaReveleaed. I know that some of you have purchased these guides as well and have said so many good things about it, which is why I purchased myself. Now keep in mind this Instagram Decoded Guide(s) was $149.99. I wanted to learn more about how to grow my Instagram. 

Slowly after reading through guides taking notes on them, I realized that everything that was in those guides was basically the same thing other bloggers had already been sharing except for the follow and unfollow method. That was new to me. I noticed a lot of people that had purchased this Instagram Decoded Guide(s) were doing the follow and unfollow method. 

But does the FOLLOW and UNFOLLOW method work? 

I had to test out to see if this method actually work since other bloggers were doing it. I did for 2 weeks. Yes 2 weeks and come to find out, I noticed that it DID work. I noticed the more people I was following and they followed back my numbers were increasing. BUT doing this was getting too time-consuming and I HATED seeing my newsfeed filled with ugly and uninspirational posts. Even though I knew that I was going to be unfollowing those people in a few days, I wasn’t happy with it. 

The point of this method is to basically get a follow back but after 48 hours you go ahead and unfollow them. Also if you do this, I’ve noticed that you piss off a lot of people. It’s bad enough Instagram is hard to grow alone but by doing the follow and unfollow method it’s not really helping you grow at all.  

As soon as the other person sees you unfollowed them, guess what? They unfollow you right away. What’s the point of wasting your time on following someone you’re just going to unfollow in a few days just to have them do the same thing back? Now these days some apps are banning all third-party apps that let you see who “unfollowed” you, which could lead you to be banned completely from Instagram (from what I’ve heard from another blogger in a group). 

Advice – DON’T DO IT! Don’t bother wasting your time on following someone that you’re just going to unfollow in a few days. Grow organically. I sure did unfollow every single person I decided that wasn’t inspirational at all.

What I will continue to do is create Instagram posts that are going to catch someone’s attention, use different hashtags, continue to engage with my followers and utilize the comment pods. 

Are you someone that does the follow and unfollow method? What are your thoughts on this? 

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