January Favorites 2023

I’m still a little confused by how fast January went. Like didn’t we celebrate the New Year? Well, here I am sharing my January favorites. This month was really all about beauty. Not so many lifestyle/fashion items. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it.

January Favorites 2023

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Thirsty Skin Hyaluronic Acid Serum – I have been using this serum every day 2x a day and let me tell you, my skin has been loving it. Provides my skin hydration and it’s a thicker formula so it doesn’t dry out so fast when you apply it.

Dime Beauty Hyper Glow Oil– I had a terrible skin reaction to a product earlier this month. I had to use cortisone for almost 2 weeks because of the rash on my face. And you probably know cortisone dries your skin out so badly. Even though I was using the hyaluronic acid serum mentioned above during this allergic reaction it wasn’t full enough so I decided to add this oil and it’s been a game changer. I do not think I will stop using this because I’m loving how my skin has been looking lately. [use code: JV20 for 20% off]

Dime Beauty Dans Les Bois Perfume – 10/10 will always recommend to anyone who is sensitive to perfume. I know I mentioned this in a different post but you guys need this one. [use code: JV20 for 20% off]

Trilogy Rosehip Cleanser – I was sent this a while back and I have to say this is such a gentle cleanser. It’s creamy and it leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and soft.

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner – Another great hydrating product for your skincare routine. It provides not only hydration but also glowing and refreshing skin. For best results, spray this all over your face and then add your serums because this will help absorb those products.

e.l.f. C-Bright Putty Primer – I freaking love this product so much. I haven’t picked up any other primers in my makeup routine.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – These are a must for me because I am on my electronics so much and this helps protect my eyes. They’re also lightweight and comfortable.

Cropped Puffer Vest – I didn’t think I would like this vest because I don’t normally wear cropped anything. But this is so cute and lightweight to wear.

Tan Belt Bag – You guys already know I love the black version of this dupe lululemon bag. I had to get the tan version.

My Kindle Stickers – I am a little obsessed with dark romance so I had to get a few stickers for my kindle. [Sticker 1 | Sticker 2 | Sticker 3]

january favorites 2023

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