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Goodbye July, Hello August. I’m still trying to process the fact we only have a month left of summer. The boys go back to school next month. So it’s crunch time to make those summer memories. We had a rough start our July last month. We sadly had to put our 16 yr old chihuahua Bonecrusher down. The doggy dementia got the best of him. We’re just happy he’s no longer suffering. 


Monthly Favorites - July

July Favorites

Although we had a sad event happen last month. We still made the best of July. You can see it here. Since it’s a new month, I am going to round up my favorite items for the month of July. Everything from books, skincare, and makeup. 

I decided to try out Pro Lash extensions last month. You can watch my first impressions here. Update 1 (here) and 2 (here). I am working weddings on weekends and sometimes I don’t always want to do my makeup. I wanted to try out these lash extensions because I kept seeing them all over my TikTok. I will say, I did love them. The first time I applied them they only lasted me 5 days because I didn’t apply enough bond to my lashes. But the 2nd time I applied it, they lasted 8 days. Which is close to the 10 days they claim. My favorite ones are the “Classic Luxe Cat Eye Shorties No. 19“. You can watch my demo here

I do have a discount code: JASMINE for $$ off. 

I was hesitant about this product because I was worried about how oily this would make my skin. But after using it just one time I soon realized that this product is amazing. It soaked into my skin so quickly and made my skin glowy without looking oily. It’s hydrating and evens skin texture.

If you’re looking for a feel-good summer romance read, this book is it. It takes a bit to get into it but once you’re far into the book you’ll find yourself giggling and just in awe. I love Wit & Mer’s relationship. It’s got lake/cottage small-town vibes, Taylor Swift references, a family wedding, and the entire book takes place during a family game called assassins. Which I found fun to read.

This thriller/suspense was everything I needed. It’s psychological. I have never been gaslighted so much by a book. I was wondering if I was going crazy lol. The ending made it even more mind-blowing.

Love is messy but also wonderful. Sam and Percy are proof of that. There is cheating involved but it was good. This book had me in my feelings. It’s such a great summer romance read. 

I shared this on my Instagram + TikTok about how much I have been loving this mascara. It’s freaking amazing on my stick-straight lashes. It helps keep my lashes curled. It’s flake-free and waterproof. 

I love how lightweight this “foundation” is. It’s great for summer or for anyone who doesn’t like wearing heavy foundations. It’s very hydrating, has buildable coverage, and is great for all skin types.

Lip oils are all the rave right now. It’s hydrating and it’s got some color. I tried out the Jouer Tinted Lip Oil and I immediately fell in love with it. I find myself using this a lot when my lips are feeling dry. I always keep in my purse.

I finally tried this out and I loved it. It’s a lightweight styling cream that helps define, smooth, and reduce frizz on your hair. You can use this whether you have straight or curly hair. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy.

With all the pool time we are doing before summer ends, this has been so good for my skin. It helps hydrate my dry skin. It’s got lots of ceramides and probiotics. 

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