June’s Beauty Favorites

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Normally I would be doing a YouTube video on this but the way my schedule is set up, I have two boys this week and I wasn’t able to do it. So for today I’ll show you in the blog my favorites and then I’ll do a video on YouTube next week. Sounds pitchy? FANTASTIC! Lol

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These are some of my June’s favorites.

Featured in the image above:

NYX Matte Lipstick // This lipstick is seriously my second favorite matte lipstick. Very pigmented and long lasting wear. It applies so smooth and you know how some matte lipstick are dry? Well this one isn’t.

NYX Butter Gloss // I will be the first one to tell you I’m not a fan of lip gloss at all. But when I decided to get the Butter Gloss they were on sale at Ulta and I couldn’t resist. It’s soft, silky and they even smell good. You can apply the butter gloss alone or you can apply it over another same shade of lipstick. Like I did with the Black Cherry Lipstick in this photo.

Swirl and Sparkle Brush Cleaners // If you read my review on this amazing product then you know that I have found an alternative to washing your brushes without having to spend so much money. I can honestly tell you that this product will clean your brushes, leave them as soft as when you bought them and the scents they have are delicious.

L.A.B 2 Beauty Brushes // Keep in mind I’m not saying this because I had the pleasure collaborating with this amazing company, but I’m so picky when it comes to brushes. I like soft brushes and brushes that are actually going to do its work on applying my makeup. These brushes do that. You could read my review on these beauties here.

Not featured in the image above:

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro HD Liquid Foundation // LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation. It gives you the full coverage you want, dries instantly, matches your skin so well, and oil-free. I love that. I have sensitive skin as well and they make sure that works for all skin types. For $8.00 + shipping so worth it.

TanWise Self Tanner // You all know I had a horrible reaction to the Kardashian Sun Kissed Self Tanner. So I went back to using the same brand I was using for almost 2 years. I got the mousse form because I feel like with the mousse you’re able to apply it better than the lotion or spray. You seriously get the sunless tan within just a few hours (I want to say 2 hours tops). I apply it before bed after I exfoliate. By the time I wake up I’m seriously a shade darker.

Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser // I wrote a post over at Boone + Owl about my favorite skin care products. I went to get a facial last week and my esthetician asked me which product I was using on my face and I told her, she told me that it was a really good product. Although she told me before I started my facial that I had really good skin, I was happy that I had a professional tell me that Neutrogena was a good brand to use.

Those are SOME my favorite products that I have purchased in June. You’ll have to see part 2 on YouTube. So keep an eye out for either my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

What were your favorite beauty products last month?

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  1. 7.9.15

    Girl, I”m loving all of your insta pictures lately! I have one of those NYX lipsticks, I’m not sure what shade though but it’s a red haha

  2. 7.9.15
    Amanda Marie said:

    Good Pick’s! I love matte lipstick! Especially when it is a dark and bold color! I never heard of NYX, going to try that brand! I really like using NYC lip color as well! I am going to try out Kat Von D’s lip stick, I heard it actually lasts long and does not wear off! Great reviews, thanks for sharing! ~Amanda Marie~

    • 7.9.15

      What you never heard of NYX? Oh my gosh. It’s such a popular drugstore brand. I’m going to sephora on sunday I want to check out the Kat Von D line 🙂

  3. 7.9.15

    I love NYX lipstick. So great for the price! And Neutrogena makes great products! Glad to hear a professional say it, too!

  4. 7.9.15
    Aishwarya said:

    I don’t have any makeup knowledge so I’ll just say that I loved how you placed flowers in the picture to make it more delightful. You’re really pretty.

  5. 7.9.15
    Karsen said:

    I’ve never tried those brushes…. These are all great products and I have almost all of them in my collection!


  6. 7.9.15

    I don’t use it anymore but I’ve tried that TanWise mousse and it’s the best self-tanner ever. It made me way too dark so I stopped using it, but it is really good stuff.

  7. 7.9.15

    NYX and I have a love affair. I’m always amazed how much I love their products when they’re all so cheap! ESPECIALLY those butter glosses 🙂

  8. 7.9.15
    Dayne Prescott said:

    I feel like every girl should be reading your blog. You KNOW what you’re talking about!

  9. 7.9.15
    Heather Serra said:

    Great picks! I use the Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleaner and love it.

  10. 7.9.15

    I am looking to upgrade my E.L.F. brushes. After two wonderful years they are finally starting to fall apart. I am a clean freak about them so I will totally have to try that new cleaner you suggested!

    • 7.11.15

      I have bought so many brushes and I’m starting to have a huge collection lol

  11. 7.9.15
    Samantha said:

    Great picks! I haven’t tried any of these but I always look for new products to try so I will definitely be looking into these 🙂

  12. 7.9.15

    I have been wanting to try the gel nail polish! It would be fun to try it

  13. 7.9.15
    Alexandra Bailey said:

    I love all these! Plus those little containers are so cute!

  14. 7.9.15
    Jessica Gardner said:

    i need to get some pore cleaner..This is great for non make up crazy ppl like me.

  15. 7.9.15
    Shann Eva said:

    I love that lipstick shade. I’m going to have to check that out ASAP.

  16. 7.9.15

    I love love love NYX butter glosses!

  17. 7.9.15

    Those gel nail polishes are amazing! I’ve been trying to do my nails on my own more to save money and they really look so great AND last forever!

    ♥ Lisa
    strum simmer sip

    • 7.11.15

      That’s why I switched. I was sick of spending money on getting my nails. lol

  18. 7.9.15

    I will need to try the lipstick and nail polish…I am always looking for a good find. Thanks so much for sharing. Great tips and ideas.

  19. 7.9.15
    Happily Ever Rushed said:

    I soooo need to paint my nails more…I need to dress it up a bit!

  20. 7.9.15

    OMG these are such awesome favorites. I love that Sally Hansen polish, but I found a new one I am obsessed with. The New Orly gel nail one, have you tried it? Its awesome!

  21. 7.9.15

    Tanwise is the best!!! So glad to hear that someone else uses it.

  22. 7.9.15

    I also dislike lip glosses in general, but the NYX Butter Glosses are bomb!

    • 7.11.15

      Yeah I don’t like sticky stuff lol Butter gloss isn’t like that at all

  23. 7.9.15
    ashley said:

    I love the nyx butter gloss. Mine is peaches or something. Love it!

  24. 7.10.15

    LOVE nyx butter glosses; I seriously buy a new one every time I go to the store!

    • 7.11.15

      I almost got some yesterday but decided not to since I just got new brushes lol

  25. 7.10.15
    Lexi said:

    nyx is seriously the best. Their butter gloss is amazing and I love their illuminating powder.

    • 7.11.15

      I haven’t use their illuminating powder. I need to add that toy list.

  26. 7.14.15
    Andrea McCann said:

    Okay, I gotta try out the BH foundation now!