Lessons I Learned As A Mom

Lessons I Learned As A Mom

Being a mom is hard. There have been times where I question myself if I’m even doing the “mom” thing right. And to be honest there is no right answer for that. I never wanted kids to begin with. I hated being around kids when I was young. To me, kids were annoying and obnoxious. Sorry, that’s the truth. When I first found out I was pregnant with my oldest, I was so nervous. I was only 19 so I was just still a teen myself. Like how in the world am I going to raise a child. 

I can tell you this, your mom instincts kick in very quickly when you give birth. Motherhood came naturally to me. Which was shocking because I didn’t think I was able to do it. But as Rylan got older I’ve learned so many things about being a mom. Then Landon came and that’s when I knew what being a mom was REALLY like. 

Lessons I Learned As A Mom

Lessons I Learned As A Mom

Lessons I Learned As A Mom

1.When you give birth, your body doesn’t go back to being what it use to be especially after having two. The whole gym thing wasn’t for me because, to be honest, I dislike sweat lol. So you easily learn to accept your body for what it is. 

2. Being a mom is a FULL-TIME job. There is no break in between and when you do have a break, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE. 

3. At the beginning of your motherhood, there is absolutely no sleep. So say goodbye to that. Even now when you have to “chase” the monsters out of the room at 3 am at night. 

4. Kids vomit is the WORST smell in history. I have a horrible reflux. 

5. Anything you want to eat like your favorite snack, you have to hide from your kids because they’ll want it too. 

6. You’ll hide in your bathroom a few times to take a mommy break because you need it. 

7. You’ll never be able to use the bathroom alone while your kids are between the ages of 1-5. Trust me Landon who is 5 is always knocking on my door bugging me. 

8. You become that mom who is constantly having your kids use hand sanitizer after they touch anything in public because you don’t want them to get sick. 

9. Their room never stays clean no matter how many times you ask them to pick it up. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning their room. 

10. You sometimes have to make different meals for dinner because you have picky eaters. 

11. You want to snuggle with them as much as you can because they grow up so fast. 

12. How much you could love another human being more than you love yourself or your partner. 

Lessons I Learned As A Mom

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Motherhood is not an easy job but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love every minute of it. I’ve learned to be confident in my own skin and what I do in life because of my boys. I’ve also learned to appreciate life and small things in life with them because they don’t stay young forever. 

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What have you learned as a mom?

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